Saturday, December 12, 2015

you sent me no letter, don't think I could forgive you

Google has proven its quantum computer works?

Also, this is the bestest holiday tree and I want one for SL.

Which reminds me--I have recently discovered that apparently, I own all the holiday trees. I own more holiday trees than I could put out with a 1,000 prim allowance. No one needs this many holiday trees. Makers of holiday trees don't need this many trees. What was I thinking?!?
[Posted 7:13 PM PST, 11 December 2015] We are aware that some residents may be experiencing some issues with leaving, inviting, and rejecting from groups inworld. This situation is being investigated. Please continue to check this blog for updates.
Well, it's about damned time,, since we've all been having this issue for months now...what finally happened, some upper-level Linden tried to leave a group and couldn't without a relog? But they've been ignoring all the complaints on blogs, all the bug reports filed with them, all the mentions at in-world office hours? Sure. Well, you work on that, guys. Hope you can fix it before 2017.

The Washington Post Style Guide has finally approved the use of 'they' as a correct singular usage. This is good in many, many ways, not that many of us weren't already using 'they' as a singular along with a plural, but it's still a solid step forward.

Why not? (Retails for L$150 in case you want it, at Fetch.)

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