Tuesday, December 8, 2015

by tomorrow dubbed a mystery and the past just blurry lines

I don't believe I've mentioned Bellefleurs yet.

Several months ago, I attended a series of salons--hosted one, even--in Babbage, and had a marvelous time. Struck up a conversation with one of the Blossoms from the House of Sakura, and she said I was more than welcome to visit.

And then time passed, as it does, as it will. Life in various worlds took precedence. I hadn't set the House of Sakura aside in my recollections, per se, as much as I'd just been overwhelmed by other fripperies.

Then Baron Wulfenbach contacted me, mentioning that the lady I'd spoken with at the Salon was still interested in talking further with me. At that point, the love life, with rather predictable regularity, had exploded into shrapnel yet again, and I was not equipped to sit and calmly discuss much of anything.

But in the last couple of weeks, things started to settle again. And I remembered the House of Sakura, so the next time I was in world, I contacted her. Which led to several conversations, and a few days ago, a delightful evening spent listening to selections from the Nutcracker suite.

It is staggeringly beautiful there. There are formal walking gardens, an En Garde area, and scattered here and there, benches and places to rest. They have a view of the ocean that nearly makes my heart weep.

I am definitely interested in attending more events there. I may even set aside blog space now and again to cover ongoing events. It could be very entertaining, and at the very least, it will give me more opportunities to wander the grounds of Bellefleurs, and admire the scenery.

The one thing visitors will need to know: Bellefleurs sits on an Adult island. There is nothing untoward in any behavior, there's nothing to send even the most prim and proper Victorian screaming from the sim...but, due to certain other activities the Blossoms of Sakura engage in, it must retain its Adult rating. But, with an open mind and an adventurous heart, I doubt this will daunt anyone looking for an evening of poetry, music or discussion.

I look forward to what happens next.

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