Thursday, December 10, 2015

the waves will break every chain on me

Okay, seriously, I know this is a bindrune, but it's a confusing one.

I mean, that's Sowelu, and...

...that's clearly Kenaz, next to Laguz, so...huh?

I kind of get what they were trying to go for? Inspiration, illumination, paired with power and creativity--the torch held high, the sun burning bright. But the sun--Sowelu--is definitely being sheltered by the torch of Kenaz, which is just...odd.

This was another odd one. Kenaz again, torch and inspiration, illumination for the path--with Wunjo this time, which would add exuberant success, achievement, partnership, companionship...which again, seems like a pretty cool pairing until it sinks in that Kenaz is sort of the hermit's torch, the solitary spark of revelation. So it's another bwuh.

At any rate, you can see the rune circles for yourself (along with fantasy and gothic items for sale, and the glowing-number Advent calendar for the season) at Fairplay.

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