Thursday, December 17, 2015

signs of life from the smile on your face to the lines you rephrase

Tonight is the annual Viennese Holiday Ball at Bellefleurs:

I will admit, I am somewhat daunted. I do plan to attend, but...I'm not entirely sure what in my wardrobe qualifies as formal, these days! I do know it will quite likely be in tones of red and green, as I have been assiduously collecting holiday attire throughout December.

I suppose my little ragamuffin self will have to do the best I can...and leave the antlers and the painted skin behind, as I think this is also intended to be a genteel gathering of human sorts, and I...well. I've never been that, precisely.

But I'll find something. It will likely require a frenzy of unpacking, but I am undaunted. And I am quite looking forward to attending a formal dance again!

Oh, do I even remember how to waltz, still??

(Do remember: if you, also, plan to attend, that Bellefleurs sits on Adult land, though nothing overly lascivious will be seen at the ball, of course.)

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