Thursday, December 24, 2015

I wanna ride the waves down in Galveston when the hurricanes blow in

We are truly living in the future. I mean, show of hands, people--who expected a functional transparent metal to be developed in our lifetimes? I know my hand isn't raised, there!

There are three holiday freebies here: a snowman with a paper hat, an angel wreath, and a pile of mesh logs with animations for holiday fires/fireplaces (to be set in front of, et cetera, or near the campire, fireplace, what-have-you).

And there's a bit of chat I want to share, but it's out of my usual comfort zone; not in terms of what is said, but, because of who says it, I want to keep one name intact. SO, there's less anonymizing on this one, and if that's a problem, do let me know!
[19:25] Krampus (orvan.taurus): Oy, it's seriously weird when the Manifestation of Holiday Evil is the *reasonable* one in a 'religious' discussion in a venue where there should not BE one. (Yes, I am claiming to be the sane one. THAT'S how messed up it is.)
I gotta agree there. Now, I've always found Mssr. Taurus to be affable and polite, but I also know he can be quite stern when dealing with miscreants, so...
[19:25] Mxxx Cxxxxx: errmm
[19:26] Lxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: Yipes
[19:27] Krampus (orvan.taurus): "If you wish to believe in Santa Claus, or Jesus, or Mohammad, or Krampus or Zeus or Philo T. Farnsworth, fine. If not, also fine. It's the insistence that others also do as you do that is a problem."
[19:28] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Thank you, Krampus.
[19:28] Krampus (orvan.taurus): There's a line few would expect.
Maybe, but it's a good, solid line. We need more folks with this ethics set.
[19:29] Mxxx Cxxxxx: i don't care what anyone believes or doesn't believe as long as they aren't insistent its the "right" way
[19:30] Mxxx Cxxxxx: basically what Krampus said. :)
[19:32]Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Actually, it wasn't that long ago, albeit in a different group, a bunch of people tried to tell me I was wrong for being an atheist. I didn't push my beliefs on them beyond telling them what they were when asked... and then I discussed for as long as I felt the discussion was respectful, then asked twice that the discussion end when I felt the respect had dissipated, and finally told everyone I was closing the window, and did. :/ I wasn't telling anyone not to believe. I don't think it's my place to do any such thing. And neither is it anyone's place to tell me to believe, or what that belief should be.
[19:33] Mxxx Cxxxxx huggles [Pxxxxxx] knowing that conversation first hand.
[19:33] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: *hugs*
Yeah, wau, that sounds like it was really difficult to get through. All sympathies.
[19:34] Mxxx Cxxxxx: they were over the top with that, especially considering their beliefs.
[19:34] Txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What someone else believes is none of my business, nor does it change how I feel about a person. As long as they are good people, I like them :)
[19:34] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: And good people like you, too, [Txx].
[19:34] Txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yay!
[19:36] Myst Cobalt paints [Txx's] claws with red glittery polish
[19:36] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: o.o
[19:36] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: OMG.
[19:37] Mxxx Cxxxxx: wha?
[19:37] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Someone should make furry claws that accept fingernail appliers.
[19:37] Txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx stares at the sparklies on her claws totally mesmerized
[19:38] Mxxx Cxxxxx: i agree [NPxxxxxx].
[19:39] Txxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hell yeah. It doesn't matter what people profess to believe in if they don't actually practice what they preach.
[19:39] Mxxx Cxxxxx: unless there are and i don't know about it
Exactly. Whatever we believe, whatever we hold true, we should hold true to it, or what's the point? A religion of convenience serves no one.
[19:41] Mxxx Cxxxxx: ugh i hope this wind dies down by tomorrow. really dont feel like getting blown off the road while driving
[19:42] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: So, if someone professes to believe in Cthulhu, but makes no efforts to wake him from his eternal slumber, that's a problem?
Well, technically...
[19:42] Mxxx Cxxxxx: lol
[19:42] Krampus (orvan.taurus): "Do I start the engine... or just throw it into neutral and hoist sail?"
[19:42] Mxxx Cxxxxx: I probably could with the way it's blowing around now
[19:43] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Oh god... anyplace hoisting a sail would work around here, it would throw you ACROSS the road and into a tree.
Yeah, weather's been bad all over. Be careful out there, and try to keep your interactions with religious zealots of ALL stripes to a minimum.

And if you can't just show them this. I guarantee, they'll shut right up.

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