Saturday, December 5, 2015

a good excuse to be a bad influence on you

[20:04] Gxxx Mxxx: My 28.6k inventory says 'hi'.
[20:05] Mxxx Cxxxxx: wow...i have more inventory than Grey does. lol
[20:05] Sxxxxx Exx: most people have more inventory than grey does
[20:06] Axxxxx Bxxxxxxx: My main has just under 50,000, & I vow to keep it under 50,000.
[20:06] Nxxx Pxxx: I have 31,7k items.. But I've always been a deleter off and on.
[20:06] Mxxx Cxxxxx: i currently have 43, 793.
[20:07] Emilly Orr just deleted a bunch of things from template files and is now down to 136,343
[20:08] Lxxxx Mxxxxxx: 318,513 as of right now. but I'll be uploading some textures tonight
[20:08] Emilly Orr: YOU WIN
Also, I've updated the Advent list, if it helps, and I have a new notecard I'm going to check later on, so hopefully, there'll be more than just the one change.

So there's some controversy over the way the promotion team seems to be sexualizing Deadpool. Mainly, the detractors seem to think the film will be jam-packed with homophobic jokes, unfunny attempts at humor at the expense of other minorities, and a general, shall we say, less than deft hand on gender issues and sexual orientation.

I think what people forget is that it's not homophobia, it's part of Deadpool's arsenal. And what I mean by that is, beyond flirting with attractive men and women throughout the run of his comics, just because he wanted to, he's also well known for using it to disconcert his enemies. It's a brilliant tactic, and one that I believe meshes well with his general insanity, ability to continue conversations with pieces of his anatomy missing, and his seeming inability to ever, ever shut up.

Also, his crush on Thor is canon, and I won't lie, I'm kind of hoping there is--in this film or another--a face-off between Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds. I will be the one giggling like a maniac in the theatre, if it happens.

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