Sunday, December 20, 2015

jingle all the way

Over at Fussy there's a free set of holiday cropped sweaters:

Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of cropped sweaters, though I have more than enough attire to wear under them to make it work. But I do love the tongue-firmly-in-cheek sayings. They come in all colors shown, plus just about every applier for a mesh anything I can think of.

If anyone's in the mood for mostly-red lingerie, Seldom Blue is having a holiday sale, with fairly steep discounts on various bits and fripperies. The SLUrl goes to a NSFW bodysuit set, that is a limited-edition freebie (though the store itself is moderate), but scattered throughout the store are sets for L$1 all the way up to $L115, depending on complexity of attire. Most are system layers, but as far as lingerie goes, I'd rather have system layers under mesh, that's rather the point.

Some come with appliers, mostly Lolas, it seems.

And moving off the grid, there's a holiday gift waiting from The Real Tuesday Weld, to commemorate their holiday gift this year, a playable flexi-EP card. (But you have to sign up for their newsletter to get it.)

And in the meantime, more controversy from that one particular freebie group:
[13:54] jxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't get it how can you ladies chat in here do you have to wait will someone posts like an admin ?
Um, no...there are strong group rules that we all try to obey, because having strict guidelines means a general lack of drama...most of the time...
[13:54] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we cant put links to MM boards on adult things right?
[13:55] Bxxx Pxxxxx: It has to be Mod approved first
[13:55] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you need an approval for adults stuff
Right. First, because there are still people who aren't, by personal choice or...ergh...age, not verified for Adult regions. Second, though, there are certain things they just don't want in the group, and eliminating Adult regions handily takes care of some of those. Generally, the list of 'banned' things isn't that long: vehicles (because they are so often copied), AOs (because, again, animations in them can so frequently be copied), Adult items in general (unless the store or the sim has been checked by a mod, and is allowed).
[13:55] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you mean adult things or adult things
[13:55] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean adult sims or adult things
[13:56] Bxxx Pxxxxx: Both
[13:56] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: both
[13:56] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx giggles
[13:56] jxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everything has to be mod approved in here
Not everything, because if it's on the list of things that are not allowed, don't bother posting it UNLESS you post it TO a mod for approval; elsewise, you can post anything. And here's the thing: nine times out of ten, if you post something in this particular group and it's not allowed? Mods will simply tell you. I've made mistakes, I've been told, it's all cool, we move on. I don't post those things again. No stress, no fuss.
[13:56] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: excuse the sexting goblings on my keyboard
[13:56] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: waves
[13:56] Bxxx Pxxxxx: Not true [Jxxx]
[13:57] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.o
[13:57] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [zxx] i told you your not aloud out of the cave yet
[13:57] jxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just mean it's like gistapo this groip
That's "Gestapo", and "group", and why? Seriously, why? Because I don't get it. Following the rules--that, overall, make the group run much more efficiently overall--just makes everything go more smoothly, so what's the harm?
[13:57] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ohhh ... sighs and heads back to the dark cold cave
[13:57] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0_o
[13:57] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i gave you cupcakes and a pillow what more can someone ask for lol
[13:57] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what is like gistapo?
[13:58] Bxxx Pxxxxx: Not true [Jxxx]
[13:58] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The Gestapo (German pronunciation: [ɡeˈstaːpo, ɡəˈʃtaːpo] ( listen); abbreviation of Geheime Staatspolizei, or the Secret State Police
That's not exactly helpful.
[13:58] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ^There ya go Zim
[13:58] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I know what the gestapo is.. but wondered what was she comparing it to?
I'm wondering the same thing.
[13:59] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol ty though [Fxxxxx]
[13:59] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh that i dunno LOL
[13:59] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not the soup XD
No, that would be gazpacho.
[13:59] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: okay, i am not trying to start anything but i need to say my two cents lol yes this group has rules and it can be confusing however i would rather have set rules then be in a group filled with offensive dramatic chaos
Well said.
[13:59] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's gespacho
No, still gazpacho.
[13:59] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i know it was a joke lol the soup ;)
[13:59] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *gazpaco
Again, that's gazpacho.
[14:00] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mmmm....Gespacho......
[14:00] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i blame the sexting gobblins on my keyboard why i misspell things
Dern sexting goblings.
[14:00] rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gazpacho? ;-)
Yes, thank you.
[14:01] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[14:01] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: giggles
[14:02] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes Rose... yummy
[14:02] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we need to start a FREE recipe group now LOL
We so do.
[14:03] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[14:05] rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[14:06] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye be back later
[14:07] Bxxx Pxxxxx: Byee
[14:07] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ello group does anyone speak Portuguese and is able to help someone with appliers ??
[14:09] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok hello google translate again
Unless we have a native speaker at the time in the group, that's pretty much what we do, yeah.

And one last thing from later in the chat:
[14:42] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugh im so behind organizing my inventory
[14:43] Pxxx Pxxxxx: give it up lil it's a loosing battle
"Losing", but you're not wrong.

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