Wednesday, December 9, 2015

when you're free to choose, but the choices leave you lost

Couple more updates on the Advent list...pretty convinced that even if other things come up (at least, until the last-ten-day places go active), I'm pretty much done updating that for the season.

Did you ever want to be your own holiday fireplace? Now you can.

And I am beyond amused at the concept of little luchador puppet tree-toppers.
[00:41] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I... am flabbergasted.
I am too. What happened?
[00:41] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why?
[00:41] Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: does that mean there are lesbian type skins for females also?
I would certainly hope so. But wait, someone was asking if there were lesbian skins on the grid? Or lesbian skins for males? I'm confused.
[00:42] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what did I miss?
[00:42] Emilly Orr: And what would a 'lesbian-type skin' look like?
[00:42] Gxx Hxxxxxxx: Well I guess bisexuals are screwed then
I know, right?
[00:42] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.o
[00:42] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just logged in but whatever this discussion is about, just... no.
[00:42] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm confused because I missed the beginning?
[00:43] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just logged in to the "flabbergasted" part
[00:43] Bxxx Mxxxxxx: O,O
[00:43] Emilly Orr: Me too
[00:43] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: me too, and let's be happy about that
Maybe, but it's an intriguing question, isn't it? At one point, Beebo Brink came out with a line of skins targeted towards tall, lean, androgynous women (she no longer has an in-world store, but the link leads to her Marketplace shop). I knew a few friends who bought one; I even had one at that point. They went very well with short hair and tailored suits.
[00:43] Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to be honest there are loads of skin and shape store out there in the sl world, and would suggest you try to look on the MP first for blonde chest hair, and see what comes up [Wxxxx]
[00:44] Emilly Orr: Wait. Someone thinks lesbians have chest hair?
[00:44] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxx], someone asked if they could be pointed in the direction of a "gay man" skin with blonde hair and blonde chest hairs. We are all shocked there are gay and straight skins, is all. I just wanted to clarify for you. It wasn't naughty, I promise.
[00:44] Lxxxx Dxxxxxxx: someone was looking for gay skin...that's all...and the discussion that followed was that we were unaware that there is different skin for straight and gay
[00:44] Emilly Orr: Lesbians aren't another *species*
It's still puzzling. Other than specific skins for effeminate men, androgynous women, or purely hermaphroditic humans or furs, how would you know? Just from looking at a basic skin?
[00:44] Emilly Orr: Though there are separate skins for bish and fembois
[00:45] Txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm looking for a femboi skin
A-ha. The mystery reveals itself.
[00:45] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, isn't that because shading needs to be different on them anyway?
[00:45] Emilly Orr: Up until very recently, even, most seriously bish men used female base shapes.
[00:45] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someone thought they had to have a "gay" skin? wow lol um ok ...we all have the same skins pretty much... well some look more male or femaleish but know what I mean
[00:45] Bxxx Mxxxxxx: quickly changes avie into a rabbit again
Hiding from the weird humans with their weird ideas? I get that.
[00:45] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but femboi skin is not the same as "gay" skin, guess they didn't know lol
[00:46] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i use a female skin for my femboi.
[00:46] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fembbois may often be gay but not all gays are fembois
[00:46] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well I think the question wasn't intended to be discriminatory but it's easily misunderstood that way, so let's just stop the conversation and say that it's probably best for the personal enquiring to search for a skin he/she feels suits them best.
[00:46] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no I know it wasn't mean justt suprising lol
[00:46] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: -goes back to opening boxes and playing Destiny.
[00:47] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have not [Fxxxxxxxxx], sory
[00:47] Bxxx Mxxxxxx: ummm isn't this "SECOND LIFE"?
[00:47] Emilly Orr: Thursday, Mystic Canvass and Souzou Eien do bish products, though I don't know about skins
[00:47] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What does that have to do with anything?
[00:48] Bxxx Mxxxxxx: leaves drama at door
[00:48] Bxxx Mxxxxxx: just saying
[00:50] Emilly Orr: Flamboyant, Bird Next Door, Rei's Femboy Halfway House, also may sell skins. Possibly Meshmerized for mesh avs.
[00:50] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm glad you leave drama at the door, but this IS Second LIFE. Life has drama. You ladies and gents have a good night. I'm off to slay Guardians until bedtime. Cheers~
[00:50] Emilly Orr: And I apologize, I wasn't reading in the chat while I was looking for possible stores.
So, there we go. Terminology is strange.

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