Wednesday, December 2, 2015

so let's just stay awake until we grow older

Sometimes, I capture bits of chat for the sheer fun of it.

[18:34] Mxxxxxxx Exxxxxxxxx: No you haven't
[18:34] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Impossible.
[18:34] Mxxx Cxxxxx: no, no you haven't
[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: [RXXXX] ......
[18:34] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: There are no better groups than this.

No, I'm pretty fond of this one.

[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: I'll hide ya anytime ;)
[18:34] Rxxxx Pxxx: Done
[18:34] Nxxx Pxxx: Well ok, you're right. Not possible.
[18:34] Rxxxx Pxxx: and thank you
[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: :)
[18:34] Nxxx Pxxx: She DIDNT MEAN HIT ME, ya BRAT
[18:34] Rxxxx Pxxx: [Rxx]...recipe needs bacon
[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: lol
[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: yeah totally could add bacon to it and would be good
[18:34] Nxxx Pxxx: But I've been abused in other groups...ANYway.

This sounds like a constant.

[18:34] Rxx Axxxx: it's turkey, broccoli, swiss cheese, Parmesean cheese and bread cubes
[18:34] Mxxx Cxxxxx: oooo...i want a rocketship gacha.....

Now, do you mean gacha with rocketship parts, or a gacha machine shaped like a rocketship? There's likely one out there...

[18:34] Txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are just abuseable, [Nxxx]
[18:34] Mxxx Cxxxxx: ^
[18:34] Rxxxx Pxxx: Hey when someone hollers my name it's usually because it's smackin' time for [Nxxx]
[18:35] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx grins. "I like you, [Rxxxx]."
[18:35] Mxxx Cxxxxx: and, if you didn't get the abuse [Nxxx] you'd pout and think we all hated you
[18:35] Nxxx Pxxx: Friggin' muscle memory.

Yep. Sucks a lot.

[18:35] Rxx Axxxx: great way to use up leftover turkey when you are sick of eating it left right and center lol
[18:35] Rxxxx Pxxx: Sounds good [Rxx]
[18:35] Rxxxx Pxxx: see this is why I make ham and turkey lol
[18:35] Nxxx Pxxx: [Rxx] shouts my name. and [Rxxxx] hits me automatically.
[18:35] Nxxx Pxxx: I'm moving my desk.
[18:35] Rxx Axxxx: LOL
[18:35] Txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx rereads what [Rxx] said and makes the determination she was not talking about smacking [Nxxx] with it

With the DESK?!?

[18:35] Rxxxx Pxxx: no you aren't cuz it's my desk too dork
[18:36] Nxxx Pxxx: I have a saw.
[18:36] Rxx Axxxx chuckles
[18:36] Mxxx Cxxxxx: [Nxxx]...i found a gas pump gacha. ;p lol.
[18:36] Nxxx Pxxx: 0.0
[18:36] Rxxxx Pxxx: sooooo like I told my sister when she went into labor, whether we are here at the hospital or home, you are taking the problem with you
[18:36] Rxx Axxxx: gie me a min i'll type it up for anyone that wants it... need to anyway this is one of those i need to be able to reprint fresh now and then lol you know like gramma's old cards that got used alll the time and are barely legible lol always the sign of a good recipe lmao

Which reminds me. I need to ask Rxx about that recipe; the only thing I found that was moderately comparable was from Betty Crocker.

[18:37] Rxxxx Pxxx: very true
[18:38] Emilly Orr: Okay, wait, I just got here. Someone's beating up Nite with gas pumps? Why?
[18:38] Nxxx Pxxx: puts a jar over Emilly


[18:38] Mxxx Cxxxxx: lol no Em. I found a gacha thats a gas pump
[18:39] Emilly Orr pounds on the glass
[18:39] Emilly Orr: No fair! You're taking advantage of the short person!
[18:39] Rxx Axxxx: 0.0
[18:39] Nxxx Pxxx: It's a perk of being a tall person. :P
[18:40] Emilly Orr: Tall people su....I mean, sure.

I stand by the first iteration of that statement.

[18:40] Nxxx Pxxx: breaks into a verse of "Short People"
[18:40] Emilly Orr pouts
[18:40] Rxxxx Pxxx: That's not very nice Nite
[18:41] Mxxx Cxxxxx glances at [Rxxxx] and Gibbs-smacks [Nxxx]
[18:41] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx ponders the satisfaction of breaking [Nxxx]'s liquor cabinet and its contents

Oh, now that's just cruel, that is. Not to mention alcohol abuse.

[18:41] Rxxxx Pxxx gives [Nxxx] a smack for good measure
[18:41] Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx sings, "Short people got no reason...short people got no reason...short people got no reason to live!"
[18:42] Rxxxx Pxxx shakes her head
[18:42] Nxxx Pxxx: takes the jar off Emilly

Yay! Freedom!

[18:42] Mxxx Cxxxxx shakes my head at [Pxxxxxx].
[18:42] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Rxxxx], can you smack him again please?
[18:42] Mxxxxxxx Exxxxxxxxx: What? It's a good song!
[18:42] Mxxx Cxxxxx: I'm not short, daughter is. lol.
[18:42] Rxxxx Pxxx: That song was evil when it came out lol
[18:42] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx is short
[18:42] Rxxxx Pxxx: Awwww
[18:42] Nxxx Pxxx: You're a CAT

Not all cats are short. Or, well, all cats are short, but some are also long, so it evens out.

[18:42] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I meant in rl :P
[18:42] Nxxx Pxxx: So, inherently, yer short
[18:43] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And no, I'm rather tall in sl
[18:43] Emilly Orr: I'm actually taller in SL. It's kind of frightening.
[18:43] Rxxxx Pxxx: You are suppose to be short meow meow
[18:43] Rxxxx Pxxx: lol Emily

I'm getting closer, though. Without heels, I now have a shape that's five feet, six-point-two inches tall. So it's almost my RL height! Woo!

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