Monday, December 7, 2015

that which drew you, like a crow to glass beads

From a notecard just given out in Caledon notices:
"This weekend I announced I would be closing a number of the Winterfell homesteads. Honestly, the announcement was more difficult to share than I had expected. One of the regions which was slated to go was Mists of Winterfell, the region that connects Winterfell to Caledon. From what I have been told, the more skilled sailors of our realm can sail from the very northern sim of Winterfell all the way down to the southern most end of Caledon.

"While thinking about the symbolic connection between our two realms, as well as the physical one, I have decided I cannot let the connection be broken.

"I will be redesigning the sim and setting it up as a public attraction. My hope is the donation kiosks I am planning to include will make it possible to keep the sim open for many more months, if not years.
"While I understand that not everyone will be able to contribute monetarily, I ask that you share the LM and spread the word that Winterfell is a wonderful place in which to explore, relax, and enjoy.
"Yrs Respectfully,
Princess Selena of Winterfell"
I wholeheartedly raise a glass to that. Now, I used to live in Winterfell, as some may remember. I did not leave over any lack of respect on either side, nor due to feeling unwelcomed--though neighbors did make me take down Sumie's Darkhouse, which was a heart blow--but solely because my Linden income has never been reliable. When what sources I had evaporated, I simply could not afford to keep paying rent.

Elsewise, I'd likely still be there, on Salix Alba, Luctus Isle, or any of the other shadowed reaches I've called home. And I may one day return, if financing allows. I would adore another chance to make Winterfell or Caledon home again.

It will likely take a bit for the Princess to restore the land, but once done, do support if you can. Our virtual connections are tenuous enough as it is, but the joining of the Independent States of Caledon with the reaches of Winterfell was one of the more heartfelt moments of memory, and has genuinely brought only good to both realms.

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