Sunday, December 20, 2015

trust the wishing well, dance like Tinker Bell

Pixel Box has a lovely gothic tree out in their store, and there are six lovely gifts to pick up underneath it.

The gifts are as follows:
  • A 'Time Machine' necklace that can be worn by either sex
  • A steampunk bowler hat for ladies
  • a steampunk bowler hat for gentlemen
  • a set of steampunk goggles with an adorable propeller detail
  • a modern black leather handbag for ladies, with the ability to add your photo--or the photo of your choice--to a frame charm depending from the straps
  • and a set of black antlers, replete with sounds, lights, and at least one striped candy cane
Now, Ms. Marian Kungler also added there was a set of rosaries to be had? I did not see them, but I do plan to go back, so you might look around for them, should you decide any of these sound like things you absolutely need in your life.

(I, of course, needed all of them, because with the exception of the gentlemens' bowler hat, they all sounded both useful and beautiful, and I am grateful she offered them freely!)

(Edit after publishing: oh my goodness, there's another tree!

(And that is where the rosaries are, one designed for gentlemen, one for ladies. There's also an "Angel Caller" necklace, and a free weekend gift that seems to be a series of alchemical symbols to hang about your neck. Wonderful!)

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