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the face in the ceiling and arms too long

(Continued from part the first.)

NexusChild925 had an interesting response to Dewaiz:
+Dewaiz that may be so but it is the problem of those people. I know this sounds heartless but there is no way anyone can expect the world to adapt to them. As someone else already said triggers can be ANYTHING if he were to give a trigger warning for basically a creature resembling a human thrashing around a mannequin which doesn't even have genitalia as a "Rape Warning" then he may as well accommodate every other possible trauma while he's at it:
Warning gun shots- PTSD
Warning physical combat- Childhood abuse
Warning blood- Hemophobia
Warning Darkness- Nyctophobia
Warning Fog- Homichlophobia
Warning Loud noises- Phonophobia
Warning Bright lights and glitchy flashlight mechanics- Epilepsy
Warning scampering, quick freaky creatures- Me personally....

So do you see how absolutely stupid it would be? Mental trauma is a disorder which must be handled by the victim. Diabetics must check nutritional facts, as do people with food allergies, Epileptics must research movies before going to theaters, and paraplegics don't just move into apartments without checking to see if it has wheelchair access do they? The concept of trigger warnings is stupid and a pleasantry but absolutely NOT a required thing nor should he be punished for not giving one.
I think this is the main point of the counter-arguments, though more are put in less likeable terms overall. That point being, if Cry gives a warning for rape on this game--or, at least, general adult themes--then where does he draw the line? Because let's be honest, what bothers one of us may not bother another of us, even if they had similar traumatic experiences. Isn't it up to the individual in question to protect themselves, rather than insist the world at large puts them in a bubble so they take no responsibility?

I'm not trying to make the point that Mm. Tanaka was wrong to say it bothered them to see that scene. But as referenced later in the thread (with an insane amount of cursing, so I'm omitting the actual comment itself), Tanaka has seen the game before. In point of fact, Tanaka has played the game before. So why scream about needing a trigger warning in the first place, if you've already experienced what you want to be warned against?

From PetvetM:
i totally understand that and a warning would've been nice, like a general warning for intense scenes at the beginning of this playthrough, but you should understand that in a psychological horror game like this, there's bound to be a lot of content that a lot of people are sensitive to. just keep your eyes open for anything more like this, or try and skip through the scenes that are too hard for you.
Also true. And, I won't lie, it's hard for me to summon up much sympathy for the person who calls other people "pony f*cker" and "furfag". That's straight out of 4chan, and that loses Tanaka MAJOR points, IMO.

But was the original point valid? As I don't know how they put it to Cry in the first place, I can't say with any accurate opinion. Requesting that a warning be given--or, at least, typed in the description of the video, if nothing else--isn't wrong. But when to give a warning, that's entirely on the broadcaster, isn't it? There is this, however, which starts with Xbyte Zephyriums reply to Tanaka:
+Konata Tanaka Well... You know, Cry's human too... Of course it's his fault for not triggering... but in this kind of game, I guess it's something you should expect, don't u think? And well, regarding the other games, he may have f*cked up. But don't you think it's hard? I think he at least tries, to the point he himself have triggered some things over the past let's plays. He cannot foressee and expect what could be offensive or not for everyone, but I bet he'd trigger the f*ck out of everything if he'd known about it. And about your "he cares about suicide but doesn't care about child rape at all" probably because he can relate to, it must be hard for him to think for 2 million people that are watching him. I think you've got some kind of right to complain, as long as you do it properly. Well, good luck with a lot of people ganging up and saying mean things to you, but that's internet, stay strong I guess.
And Tanaka's reply in turn:
+Xbyte Zephyrium i know crys human thats why i warned him about this scene and asked him for a warning in the very first hour he uploaded the first episode

he NEVER tried to tag for rape
unless, and im serious, /i/ brought it up with him
literally me
always f*cking me telling this grown ass men to put rape warnings in games
forest of drizzling rain is the only one hes put a warning for.
i just dont get why he doesnt, yknow?

also sorry if i come across as rude bc of my typing! just in advance i guess i wanted to say that

thanks for the vote of confidence friend!! i really dont get why people wanna be mean :/ like it so easy to be nice just chill out listen to people and relax and bam youre happy!
everyone happy and safe!
one day man one day the world will be perfect and safe
Which is a good sentiment, but also, a puzzling one, because it tells me a) Tanaka's been watching Cry for a very long time, and b) there's still that dissonance between wanting everyone to be happy and safe, and calling fellow debaters various unfriendly epithets which are used solely to demean and hurt.

There is one change from all of this, in that Cry added a new bit to the fourth playthrough video, to wit:
"This is a psychological horror warning for all things Silent Hill-related. If you are sensitive to story elements that may or may not contain situations that might involve rape, molestation, child endangerment or self-harm, you might want to stop watching now. This is the one and only warning I will give you. Make sure to look into the parental guide found on websites like IMDb next time. Let's get back into this."
So...I guess that's something?

I won't say it's something positive, because he says this in a very rushed, clipped, and undeniably irritated voice, least it's there.

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