Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

This happened during the winter Simril celebration in Neverwinter, while I was standing around with friends at the dwarven temple. (We'd picked there to gather because it was reasonably out of the way, fairly contained to a small area, and we could just lob gifts at each other on various characters and not make everyone need to walk around us in the main square.)

Everything starts out as expected in Zone chat: thanking folks for their gifts, asking to join gift parties, et cetera--I trimmed some of the back-and-forth out because it was more of the same.

[Zone] blickette@blicky555: Thx Blue
[Zone] blickette@blicky555: wow...Blue...definately 3d santa
[Zone] Talia@krow22: anyone want a gift, I dont want, nor want one in return
[Zone] Khaze@kamikhaze: anyone know in how much time is the maintenance?
[Zone] Littleome@littleome: talia u can drop it for us if u like

Expected, right? And then...

[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: first to prove me she's rly a girl gets a free fawn :O

Are you kidding me? You sexist troglodyte. And it's "first to prove TO me that she's REALLY a girl..." Because apparently, you can't even spell, on top of your blatant stupidity.

[Zone] meeep@ktttyeek: i need 700 lights-- please party if you nice
[Zone] Bock von Stake@GzimM: I have 5 gifts lf party
[Zone] Myles from Nowhere@myles08807: some asshat was on the forums yesterday complaining about the gift concept...essentially saying "Why can't we just get our own free stuff?"

Yeah, I heard that off and on, too. Because it's their way of giving back, by giving you the option to give to others. What's so hard about that?

[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: first to prove me she's rly a girl gets a free fawn :O
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Bekir, there's no proof other than our generalized contempt for that question. Go suck a mimic.

I do not apologize for my tone, plus, he just repeated his statement he'd made not three minutes before.

[Zone] Finnick Odair@crazmic007: anyone knows if i can trade light of simril with another account?
[Zone] Smoke@anomalea: heh, prove how
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: facebook or whatsapp xD

Bekir, you are such a troll. So now, on top of the contemptuous chat in the first place, you want an actual picture uploaded to a site? Which may (and quite likely will) give you name, general location if not actual address, plus appearance, plus info on job and family...Is this your idea of fun, or are you searching for more victims for GamerGate??

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: He sounds like "tits or GTFO", and seriously, die in a fire with that attitude.
[Zone] Smoke@anomalea: i'm a real girl, but got skirmishes to run...g'night, all!
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: night :)
[Zone] Tarí Sáralondë@beckylunatic: i'm afraid i'm far too busy to prostitute myself for your cheezy offer
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: hmm
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Ooh, nice reply, Tari
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: was just trying to be a gentleman

No. You weren't. You were trying to cause controversy, which, congratulations, some of us fell for your ridiculous baiting of the chat, but more than that, you're proving you're a closeted misogynist with a twelve-year-old's mindset masquerading as a gentleman.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Because seriously, there's no proof for that. We are or we aren't, and either way, IT DOESN'T MATTER
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: We're here to GAME, not slink around in lingerie
[Zone] Kang Bhima Jian@iosbartholemew: can't do both?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: A true gentleman wouldn't care, Bekir.

In point of fact, a true gentleman wouldn't ask, Bekir. At least, not in that sleazy, underhanded way.

[Zone] James Carstairs@beckylunatic: can game in lingerie, but that's my business, not anyone else's :P
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: hmm
[Zone] Nikki Ambole@GreatTrixie: Game in Lingerie!!
[Zone] Ponybella@cassbren: what????..no lingerie...i quit!!!!
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: sorry zenna, you want a fawn?


[Zone] Leech@unnoticedshadow: id like one xD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr laughs
[Zone] Leech@unnoticedshadow: suck the life out that bych :D
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: xD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: If you want to give me one, I am pulling the whole elf princess thing, so it would go nicely with my Sylvan Stag.

Or maybe the 'Elf Prince' thing, considering I gave her closely-shorn blonde hair, and very lithe dimensions:

Still, the cut does show off her ears nicely...

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: But it's entirely up to you.
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: waitaminnut... did someone just learn a valuable lesson about respect from *zone chat*?

Why no, and do you know how I know that? Because he did not do anything after this interchange. He didn't contact me in IM. He didn't offer a fawn. He didn't mail me anything. He didn't even apologize, in chat or in a tell. So...big dumb jerkface who never had any intent to give anything away? Probably.

[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: did equality just become a thing for gaming right now?

No, it's been a thing for gaming for over a decade, thanks for noticing.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Nah, it just gets to me sometimes. I'm female, I game, so I'm used to being poked about it.
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: oh there'll always be someone around ready to make you feel slimy, but there are lots of decent people
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: there is NO equality in gaming, there is NO race, there is only the avatar and the computer and connection you're using to play....

I like this answer. It's not entirely true, but I like it.

[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: not all computers are created equal
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: Not all connections are stable
[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: i dunno, isnt equality for gaming just that there are no female gamers? since gender doesnt matter for gaming anyway?
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: and not all players are smart enough to play the game effectively.. so be as racial bias towards dumb@sses as you want
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: dumbass isn't a race... maybe a class...
.[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: its a "race" in gaming
[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: its a primary attribute

Some days, yeah.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr laughs
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: yes
[Zone] Arnor Battlehammer@WhiteWolfTotem: awesome :3
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Well, anyway, the end point was, there were a lot of ways for Bekir to ask that question, he picked a questionable one, but it's okay, it happens.

And I stopped paying attention to chat as closely, but as it's a constant scroll at the side of my screen, I did check in occasionally. And Bekir didn't say one goddamn thing to me, or anyone else, past "I was just trying to be a gentleman" and "hmm".

You're an idiot, Bekir, dyed in the wool. And I'd love to say I hope you learned something from this about assumptions and phrasing, but as I know you didn't, I won't bother. And there's really nothing more to say, except:

If you're male, and you want to find a female in an online game:

That is all.

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