Monday, January 19, 2015

stormwinds know me best now; only with them am I at home

Oh, the utter random entry of randomness.

Random bit from SL:

[00:38] gxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: THANK YOU ARE JESUS

You're...welcome? Though that phrase hurts my brain.

Random bit from Zone chat:

[Zone] Syvius@bizurko: im hungry D:
[Zone] Heracles@arashioni: So eat and stop your wine!


[Zone] Heracles@arashioni: Unless you have some cheese to go along with it
[Zone] Syvius@bizurko: asdfasdfdasgdsrghdrfsg

Yeah, really.

For any Night Vale fans, their download page has been updated through episode #60 of the show, "Water Failure". (You can also listen for free to each podcast by left-clicking for the player, instead of right-clicking the .mp3 link to download.)

This still may be the single greatest Feed Dump that Loading Ready Run has ever produced.

And now, some SL-pertinent political/fashion commentary. This one's not going to be as anonymous as I try for, simply because removing all references negates some of the interchange,'s what I'm going with.

[16:15] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Ladies and gents, for those of you who may have missed it, [Pxxxx] was kind enough to send out an I am Charlie t-shirt in French as part of a notice. It's still in notices. Thank you [Pxxxx] for helping us show solidarity with our French friends here in SL as well.

Stopping right here to lay this out: this bit of chat happened right after the Charlie Hebdo incident. The designer of the store in question had made a mesh t-shirt freebie saying Je suis Charlie. As far as it stands, with this statement, this is an advertisement of a store freebie, and a fashion offering.

How'ver, it related to a political event, therefore...

[16:15] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: got mine on right now, thank you [Pxxxx]!
[16:15] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (except my arms disappeared
[16:15] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And I think you can also find one in front of the BM store, too
[16:15] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am wearing mine now!!!
[16:15] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ive been out of touch, is this a reference to the shootings?
[16:16] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Yes it is [Axxx]
[16:16] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the whole world is wearing "I am Charlie" shirts
[16:16] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how do I get the shirt? Id like to show my support
[16:16] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And thanks to [Pxxxx] for helping us join in
[16:16] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: It's in past group notices [Axxx]
[16:16] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as I said Ive been out of touch with rl,
[16:17] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks!
[16:17] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
nel quaotidiano trascuro allora mio marito per parlare con te

"In the daily undone then my husband to talk with you" was the closest I could get to an actual meaning through three different online translators, and then only by changing "quaotidiano" to "quotidiano", may not be accurate, either.

And I don't know what she means anyway.

[16:17] rxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks [Pxxxx] :)
[16:19] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: was charlie the guy in the cartoon?
[16:20] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 12 people were killled, no?
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Charlie Hebdo was the name of the magazine that was attacked

But in solidarity, folks have adopted the magazine's name as a way to identify with those slain.

[16:20] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: where is the tshirt?
[16:20] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[16:20] Lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
Je suis Charlie
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm pretty sure the tshirt can be found in a big box out in front of the BM store
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's where I got mine
[16:20] Lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I support that cause
[16:20] Rxxx Yxxxxx: thank you Pixie
[16:21] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[16:21] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: xoxox
[16:21] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: got it and thanks!!
[16:21] Rxxx Yxxxxx: we are charlie
[16:21] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: kinda hate to say it, but one nuke couls solve a lot of the worlds problems

And the chat takes a very dark (though thankfully brief) turn.

[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Umm
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maybe not
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: love not hate
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Where would you send it?
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just sayin'

Well, 'just asking', more than anything, but it's still a good question. Because isn't that part of the problem, too? Everyone thinks they know how best to solve the problems of the world, but if it involves interchanges of things that blow up, that is never the right solution. It may be the only solution those governments see, but it's never the right one.

[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Love not hate! That's the way
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks [Mxxxx]
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ?
[16:22] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0...yes love because i personally like living and would rather not die from a bomb
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: more love will cure so many things
[16:23] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree. but the love idea hasnt worked since the dawn of history

And it never will, because we are beings that act from places of both love and hurt. I don't think that's likely to change.

[16:23] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: neither has war
[16:23] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one is less painful
[16:23] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nothing is perfect, but love is better than war
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: lick all religions to the side and was would be lowerd down whit prolly 80%
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: kick i ment
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: and war pff needs more coffee seems kind of fair, actually. If faith were viewed as something that needed to be held separate from official decisions, would it really work in reducing total amounts of violence and conflict? And how much would current faiths have to change to actually allow this to happen?

[16:24] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: ok no more political chat please. official request
[16:24] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: religion does not start wars GREED does

Actually, I'm fairly sure both are pretty good at starting wars. Or, at least, let's say this--the way people interpret those religions is part of the problem that leads to violence and warfare.

[16:25] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Thank you [Oxxxx].
[16:25] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: k
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: if anyone need s areview of the official chat guidelines i can send it as a notice again
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no one argues
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: and have some typos, i made enough for you all
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all said ok
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: [axxx] i wasn't scolding, just offering 8P
[16:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thx [Oxxxx]!
[16:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hugs to all!
[16:27] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: this group is generally quite good, i almost never have to scold :)
[16:27] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we got the point

So did she, stop arguing.

[16:27] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: but if we had any new folks they might appreciate the notice
[16:27] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and we are all upset, I'm sure
[16:27] Axxxxx Txxxx: Well what becommes to the charlie shirts its not that strange that you get political discussions in chat

It's a fair point.

[16:28] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: well, [pxxxx] shared the shirts and pixie asked we not have political chats, and my main purpose here is to enforce her wishes and help ppl if they can't find shoes :)

And that's a fair answer, but yeah, you start with one, you get the other. A did lead directly to B, here.

[16:29] Axxxxx Txxxx: and i am wearing my shirt repect and love and support btw *winks*
[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: so that's all i am attempting to do :)
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and now i'm hungry because [Oxxxx's] name got me thinking of all the foods i can cook with onion in them

See? Anonymity blurs.

[16:29] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: I got my shirt on too!
[16:29] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: shoooooooooooooz
[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: nooo no eaty me lol
[16:29] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Onion rings!
[16:29] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL
[16:29] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mmmmm, shoooooz
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmao

[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: i'm tough and full of pesticides
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha i meant the veggie
[16:30] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am sure you are completely organic, [Oxxxx]
[16:30] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: hee
[16:30] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: your onion, cause when you bend over, its makes eyes tear

Was that necessary?

[16:30] 7xxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just walked on the grass but still won Bonnie boots xD
[16:30] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nice and sweet, too
[16:30] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: lol [axxx]
[16:31] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if she's a sweet onion then i think that's a vidalia...the kind you make onion rings with lol
[16:31] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gonna hav to call you Vidalia, caise your so sweet
[16:31] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: nooo, i'm just a lil scallion!
[16:32] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: well, these days maybe i'm more of a leek- diameter wise ;)
[16:32] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: speaking of leeks...brb
[16:32] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Tall and slim?
[16:32] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: sorta lol
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: I'm a tomato

And off everyone was onto vegetable comparisons.

[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hmmm
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: and you [Cxxxxxx]?
[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was gonna say I'm a pear
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: nam nam
[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Don't know if fruit counts
[16:34] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OH that pear!
[16:34] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: yeah this scallion is more of a pear these days too ;)
[16:34] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx laughs
[16:35] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: but that's why we have SL, right? :)
[16:36] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so we all can have a great pear and an onion butt?
[16:36] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: our curves are perfect, we can fly, and heels never pinch our feet
[16:36] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: lol
[16:36] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx wiggles her onion, giggling

And a last smooth transition from consumables to wearables:

[16:37] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well....thanks to the mesh bodies which i have the WowMeh i have made [Bxxx] as close as i could get her to my RL shape
[16:37] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: where do you get the mesh bodies from?
[16:37] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a lot of places have them
[16:38] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: oh there are a number of mesh body makers now
[16:38] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on the market place?
[16:38] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but sadly WowMeh is no longer for sale
[16:39] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: MP and in SL. and a LOT of skin makers make skins for the various ones. so if you have a favorite skin maker- you may want to see who they like to make skins for
[16:39] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some are on MP yes but others you can only get inworld
[16:39] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks

I'm beginning to seriously value those groups which can take seriously divisive topics and pull themselves out of hurt feelings and cursing at each other. These are good places.

Finally, another bit from Neverwinter Zone chat, because this was screwed up:

[Trade] Arukun@arukun0: merry christmas and happy new year 2015 with safewow site. cheap nw diamond 1m = 9.99 dollar. [10percent bonus and 8percent off code[an8]

Thankfully, that line of chat was so badly written I don't even need to edit out the gold spam site, but goddamn it, people. Gold spamming with a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" initial line? You bastards.

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