Monday, January 12, 2015

it's so hard to get old without a cause

Kitestring. There are other get-home-safe apps, but the others rely on actions--swiping the phone screen, shaking the phone--to work. Kitestring requires inaction. So, sure, if the user leaves their phone at the bar, there'll be meaningless messages sent, but weighing that against people in genuine distress trumps for me.

Why Square Enix rocks.

Why gamer 'Daily Dose' is not only an idiot, but essentially enforcing he'll be seeing a LOT more of that character he hates.

And now...more Scenes from a Chat:

[Zone] Starry Sky@darkyss1: if i dont like it i wont play it
[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: so bc you dont like it eprsonally, that makes it for children? like i said - immature
[Zone] Starry Sky@darkyss1: well i can only speak for my taste
[Zone] Starry Sky@darkyss1: and it did remind me of another popular kiddies game

Now I want to know what game they're discussing.

[Zone] Talfuris@necranis: hide and go anal?

That's...not a game.

[Zone] Fearless@xidion1337: i got a stupid question :P i just started with this game is this the same as world of warcraft in playstyle or its diffrent frome that?
[Zone] Zalan OldCrow@blacklilac: It's similar...
[Zone] Fearless@xidion1337: okay
[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: no its the same but with less skills basically


Because there's a lot of skill diversity, I thought...But then, I've never been a WoW player. Anyone who has more experience want to weigh in on this?

[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Smurfs
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: smurfs?
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: smurfette?
[Zone] Katniss@heisenberg744: HODOR
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: DESTROY
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Smurf you mother smurfer
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: REPENT MEOW
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Pay to win
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: PAY TO WIN SUCKERS
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: It's not pay to win
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: Depends on how you define win

Yeah, but more, this argument comes up all the time. It's not pay to win. It's pay anything if you're too lazy to take the time to gear up properly, and the only 'win' is involved in the PvP arena.

So if your definition of 'pay to win' is limited entirely to fighting other people, with specialty enchantments that won't work against in-game enemies, only other people...then sure, fine, BY THAT DEFINITION it's 'pay to win'. But in all other ways and defintions, it's not.

[Zone] Kenpachi@kenpachitr: its called transfer AD to Zen
[Zone] Zalan OldCrow@blacklilac: Specially as there is no 'win'
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: your mom's p2w
[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: oh just ignore the children :p they are just sad bc they have no money
[Zone] Cerunos@kynejorrvaskr: lolol
[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: if you want agame that has no cash shop - play a sub mmo.
[Zone] Kenpachi@kenpachitr: u say that until u go in a pvp match lvl 50 when opponent is full epic geared wallet warriors when ur green sh*t

Well, and again, if that's your only concern, then gear up in return and stop bitching, or play the rest of the game. Seriously, this is a non-issue. Anything you can get on the Zen Market you can get similarly in game. (By that, I mean, sure, you won't be able to get a a White Tiger mount, currently 3,500 Zen on the Zen Market, but you can get an Apparatus of Kwalish, which is an Epic-level mount with the same speed, and roughly the same stats, for just under a million AD, the in-game currency. So sure, it's easier to buy the cool things, but you don't have to, is the main point. You can earn similar benefits--mounts, companions, armor, et cetera--in-game doing quests and special events, if you're not a chump and you're willing to work for them.

[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: oh wait. you cant AFFORD the sub xD
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: lol
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: Don't go to the arena


[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Well, and I don't play PvP, so...don't care.
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: I win

If you say so.

[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: well heres an idea - do the dailys get ad and buy blue off of the ah

That too.

[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: and you are jealous?
[Zone] Cerunos@kynejorrvaskr: pvp are dailies too

They are, and they do net some rather high AD awards, but what she's saying is do the other dailies. Running dungeons takes about an hour, running daily Foundry quests takes about an hour to an hour and a half. So basically, how much is your time worth?

[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: they rather just cry and throw a tantrum xD
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: and common sence :P
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: RAGE
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: SMURF
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Rage Smurf?
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: MEOW TO TEH FACE
[Zone] Cerunos@kynejorrvaskr: smurfs are f*cking annoying

Yes, but why...oh, that childrens' game? Wait, was there ever a Smurfs MMO? I don't think there was.

[Zone] Starry Sky@darkyss1: lol you dont need money in this game,just some accounts and leadership

Pretty much. Rank your leadership in the crafting menu as high as you can, as quickly as you can, and you can net 3000 AD per day just doing low-end crafting on that alone.

[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: i enjoy trolling the pvpers - ill que for pvp on my 19k gwf and then campfire afk while they rage it up xD

Yeah, so...I'm not crazed about PvP, never have been, but seriously, that's just a rotten thing to do.

[Zone] Starry Sky@darkyss1: and kids have alot of spare time
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: syas teh poor guy
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: mara why not troll there campfire :P
[Zone] Mara Hawkeye@damnataanimus: its more fun that way xD

For you maybe, Mara. Still a consummate jerk thing to do.

[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: don't buy ID scrolls
[Zone] Muerte@d5335: why
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: It's not worth it
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: I mainline ID scrolls, what are you talking about?
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: It's absolutely worth it.
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Darth Vader is your daddy
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: the scrolls are worht more than the crap you are IDing

Not true. Especially if I'm using them to identify green, blue or purple level gear.

[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: Only ID blues

So many people hold this erroneous belief. I've had some green-level items sell for more than the ID scroll was worth in the Auction house.

[Zone] Muerte@d5335: its a blue item i need to scroll
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: and you will have lots of scrolls
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: dont buy scrolls....
[Zone] Ginger Pie@kkk1111111111111: ID greens @ 60 is waste of gold
[Zone] Briesril@joyousdeciever: queue then afk = troll is your life so pathetic that irritating others is entertaining to u?

Probably. Elsewise, why advertise that's what she does in chat? She's counting on the people in the PvP arena being so invested in the PvP arena, they're not even bothering to read Zone chat.

[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: buy slightly used ded hookers

Oh, my gods, these chats were captured MONTHS apart! WTF is up with Zone chat's obsession with dead hookers?!?

[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Darth Smurf "join the blue side"
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Really? 125 AD for a scroll. Blue drop of +4 armor I can sell for 500 to 4500 AD depending. Oh, yeah, they're so not worth it.
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: learn to read
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: I said ONLY ID BLUES

He did, but there was a bit of lag, and I had been responding to his earlier comment about not IDing at all below blue. See commentary below.

[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Learn to spell
[Zone] Muerte@d5335: you are a biitch man
[Zone] Muerte@d5335: holy sh*t, so toxic...
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: reported
[Zone] Muerte@d5335: like i could ever care
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: Green starts with G for garbage

Judgmental little thing, aren't you?

[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: a blue drop at 60? rofl more like 80-100
[Zone] Ra3nDr0pS@lahollo: does your foundry quest have slightly used ded hookers?
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: When I started typing, you hadn't said that yet, Sinbad. :p
[Zone] PoomTang@slumdog71: LOL THORONDOR..
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: Yes but you can vendor level 60 blues for 34 silver
[Zone] Sinbad@Quetzaqoatl: which is a good deal even counting the scroll
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: DROWS ARE AFRICANS

Wait, WHAT?!?

[Zone] Briesril@joyousdeciever: not when i list them
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Generally, yeah
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Anyway. Back to gaming.
[Zone] Raven@zagyg88: Smurf you

Yeah, yeah, Raven, dream on.

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