Sunday, January 18, 2015

you like monkeys, you like ponies; maybe you don't like monsters so much?

[Zone] Sininen@pile2000: Eat the dead, not the living... thats what I say
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: well that too :P
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: eat the dead before they eat you
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: yep zombies scare me
[Zone] Perath Oolasaadi@EmillyOrr: But the dead just lay there. Definite lack of squirming.

I'M SORRY! I blame Zone chat, it's affecting me in bad ways.

[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: food is food
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: depends on what kind of dead...
[Zone] Phanatica@phanatica: food is good
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: foods my best friend :)
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: till its gone :P
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: wow, bulemic much?

Well, not necessarily, they could be saying they're sad because they keep eating their friends...Wait...

[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: I like mood food
[Zone] Sininen@pile2000: love your food for soon it will be part of you
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: flesh of my fleash, blood of my ashes to dust

"Flesh". Which is weird, 'cos you got it right the first time. And...what were you trying to say with that mangled statement, anyway? I mean, it almost sounds like we're back on religious turf again, with "This is my body, this is my blood", but...then you end up with a quasi-reference to ashes to ashes, dust to dust? Or was that not what you intended?

It's so hard to tell anymore.

[Zone] Lia Loreweaver@tinkers356: emote sit
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: hey people, i just thought 'maaan, some place to sit would be great. there no benches in here, a big mainplace of a city and no benches.'
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: We should tell cryptic to include benches so we can sit down and have some fun after raidin dungeonws.
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: no benches?!
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: there are benches in the garden

Ah, true, yes, but not everyone has access to the Garden, as it was a special key-sealed area. And not everyone got the key.

On the other hand, barring the Garden, you can always go to the Moonstone Mask if you want not to sit down. You'll not sit down as effectively as you would in the Garden. And, of course, many different Zone healing circles have logs, stumps and camp beds next to the central fire you can easily not use as well.

(I suppose my point here is that none of these potential seats are functional, anyway. But I digress.)

[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: we also can use our thrones as benches :P

For those folks who have Thrones of the Lion, yes. Well, if you count the throne as a seat, anyway. (It used to be classified as a mount, which was even weirder. Now? I'm not sure what it's classified as...all I know is it's STILL weird.)

[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: now was pointed out, i know of no benches in PE

Moonstone Mask.

[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: ALL SHALL TREMBLE IN MY MIGHT!

Oh, dear gods, your name. That's legal?!?

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: Where is the bridge?
[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: I CRUSHED IT, FOOL
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: Nice name teeny weinie
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: ALL HAIL BIGGUS DICKUS!!11... wait, what?
[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: INDEED IT IS, GOOD SIR OF MODERATE GIRTH!
[Zone] NZkiwi@gomjaz: lol
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: lmao and the comedy entered the zone
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: weirdest f*cking RPers ever
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: anything in any economy is only worth whatever another person is willing to exchange for it
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: pure and simple
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: thanx professor
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: read a book ffs

First comedy, then lectures. Life in the Zone...

[Zone] Keira@valkjrian: is this ''gamereasy'' trustable?

Nope. Next?

[Zone] Astelath Shadowthorn@famlithii: none of them are Keira
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: for that particular transaction

Not even for that one, nope.

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: don't trust it
[Zone] Mara Angelbane@damnataanimus: buying from non cryptic srouces might and probably will get you a temp ban and consiscation of the good in question.

A translation: Buying gold, goods, Astral Diamonds or Zen from non-Cryptic Studios sources is extraordinarily dangerous. As I've said before, these are fly-by-night services hoping to get your name, address, email, credit card number, and hopefully bank info if they're lucky, for what--to them--is a negligible amount of Zen (and generally, as the Zen's filched in the first place, it's not like they care how much they toss out).

So no gold spammer is trustworthy, for any reason, for any amount of time, ever. Full stop.

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: seriously Kiera be careful with these crooks
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: perma bans you mean
[Zone] Mara Angelbane@damnataanimus: and thats not considering the possibility of keyloggers etc. xD

Exactly. All that, plus keystroke logging, PLUS if Cryptic catches a buyer in possession of stolen goods in game, you lose your main account--which means you lose all your characters, all their goods, and any money you've spent on things before that point.

All for wanting to buy things from thieves anyway. It's not worth it.

[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: here's the deal, Cryptic sets up sweat shops in china, pays ppl 20 cents a day to farm AD, sell it at $6 per million, tracks all the IPs that buy from them, then bans the buyer, ... see? easy money
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: find a seat if you can
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: yes lol
[Zone] Perath Oolasaadi@EmillyOrr: I highly doubt Cryptic's behind Chinese and Korean gold farms.
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: naivete comes in all forms...

Yes, yes it does, but I still don't believe Cryptic Studios is behind Chinese and Korean gold farms.

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