Saturday, January 17, 2015

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: you guys.... No matter if they exists or not, people must believe it does, theyr mind will private them of commiting crimes

Translating from broken grammarese...I think what Codename means is whether or not whatever it is exists, people will believe that it does, because that belief in whatever allows them to do terrible things with a clean conscience?

Are we talking religion again? And did I translate it correctly?

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Since the human's justice doesn't works well
[Zone] Slavic MacCool@maccool2: there is no courage or cowardace in how artillery and infantry fight a different style.
[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: my "human justice" works fine..someone hurts my family..i hurt them back ten-fold
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: That works Lobo
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Just like santa works for kids
[Zone] Bert@bertrandx: Thank you for your answers, I'll look deeper into the question searching on forums and google

I'd say you're welcome, but I still have no idea what I walked into, nor what's under discussion.

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Your whole believe in god and you won't commit crimes things, I mean. Tell that to the @^)+#!/ priests.

Ah, we are discussing religion.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Do you feel like they do believe?
[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: everyone has the power of a god inside them we only use like 10% of our brain immagine if we could use the other 90%

"Imagine", and while that's not exactly true, it is true that by storing memory and information holographically, we do have less of our brains "active" at any given time. We still have more of our brains active, how'ver.

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: 2 things are for certain. You will either spend eternity in Heaven OR hell. Make the choice NOW. After you will be TOO LATE

Well, now, that's assuming there is a Heaven or Hell.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: They don't fear, 'cauze they prefer to have money than a promissed future they don't believe

Well, and isn't that the problem with corporatethink at this point? They'd rather have short-term profits now, than help to save the society, or the planet, later on. And it's going to cost us all, later on, but they have their profits now, and that's all they care about.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: at least it will be warm all year round

Unless you believe in one of the faiths that has a cold hell...

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: I feel like I don't give a #^%( what anyone believes. It's not going to stop them from doing anything. Btw, that "promised future" doesn't stop anyone either - when all you have to do is ask for

...for...what, exactly? You sort of trailed off, Lobo.

[Zone] PandaHunter@pandahun7er: just show me that youz have
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: forgiveness in the end.

Ah, makes more sense now. Well, sort of. Once more, you have to believe in a faith that gives you that option. Or have a faith at all.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: 2 biggest topics to ever cause arguments..religion and politics
[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: im not asking for forgiveness im going to hell MUHahahha
[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: only if you believe in it Xatmo
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: That's what you believe Lobo, not sayiong you're wrong at all, I just believe it's important to don't change people's mind
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: which hell?

See, that's what I was asking!

[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: the hell with all the sexy hookers LOL

...Well, that's one option, sure...

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: the german one, the christian one, the norse one, the eskimo one? which hell?

You're forgetting all the Chinese ones, too.

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: Lobe...that is JUST IT! The ones that PRESUME they will get that chance...never do. God will not be made a FOOL. Google Robert Barron and be informed.

Are you sure that's the guy you want to invoke, here? I mean, yes, evangelical Catholic, but also, a man possessed of a logical, discriminating mind.

Unlike, y', Donn.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: based on every religion around the worlf..if we don;lt believe in their faith we are going to a "hell" of some aka..we're all going their and heaven is going to be one lonely place

That's another theory, sure.

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Yet you said people need to believe in god so they won't commit crime. Saying people NEED to do anything other than natural biological requirements for life is stating you want them to change.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yeah, I do believe in it... The human justice is broken, you know that, what will hold people from comiting such things?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: The world itself isn't even close to fair

Well, it never has been. What's your point? But more to the point, the world is positively packed with both non-Christians and atheists. So what stops all those people from running amok and destroying us all? Since, of course, those thousands and millions don't believe in your God, after all?

[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: the world does not exist its only a perception in your head
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: No s#@$. Never was, and isn't meant to be fair. Fair is a human notion created by people who weren't as capable as others.

Run that by me again, because all I got from that statement was "I'm a privileged, elitist white male".

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: May you all hunger and thirst for our Lord Jesus Christ, because when you do, you will find Him. All you have to do is knock. He will open for YOU! God bless.

Ugh for preachy people in online games.

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: who decides what is fair?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Capable Lobo?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: So people dieing hungry is becauze they arent capable?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: You should travel to Africa
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: You will realize theres nothing they can do
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: the cause of starvation in africa is POLITICAL.
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Been there. Sad s#@$. They don't have to live there, they have the tools to change their circumstances, they don't have the will.

Yep, still hearing "overprivileged white male", there...

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: Zimbobwe was the breakbasket of africa until a regime change
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yeah Vahziloc MacCool.... It's not about "capable" or not... That's not theyr fault at all
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: mugabe RUINED zimbobwe's farms
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: And why did anyone listen to Mugabe?
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: he confiscated the big farms and gave them to cronies
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: and then the cronies ran them into the dirt.
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: now zimbobwe is poor AND starving
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: ethiopian soldier used to chase of folks picking up airtdropped food, so they could resell it on the wolrd market and buy guns.
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: starvation is alway politicly caused now.

I'm not saying I agree, but whether it is or not, now, I'm fairly sure it wasn't always, so...does that strengthen your point, or diminish it?

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: To wit: Only losers sit around whining about what is fair. Winners go home and f*^$ the prom queen.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: And what do you do Lobo?
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: My wife WAS the prom queen.

Good for you? At keeping those immature, high school dreams alive, or something.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: When you break your feet 'cauze someone drunk hitted you with his car... You will understand
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: communism and tribalism is why africa is a shithole today.
[Zone] HeLLoWeeN@jumpdafukup3: why were u in front of his car
[Zone] Alina@stefan13ro: communism ? why is that a factor in africa's poverty ?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: I'm paying the drugs, medic caring, my motorcycle's repairs
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Been there too. Left tibia compound fracture. Walking just fine now, thanks. Didn't cost me more than a hundred bucks. Which isn't even 5% of my paycheck.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yours, mine has cousted my whole mounthly wage
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: And a few more

Willing to bet Codename Breaker is in America, with our abysmal health care, but what makes me wonder is that Lobo sounds American as well. So either he has fantastic insurance--which again, speaks to privilege of the higher order--or moved from here to somewhere with socialized care? It's hard to decide from so little information.

[Zone] Trillan@joyousdeciever: i love ignore it is great for religious fanatic trolls
[Zone] Lego.las@asgaarde73: Our Lord Jesus Christ is the ONE, TRUE GOD! Jesus, I trust in YOU!

Thank you for making Trillan's point, "Lego.las".

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: So change your circumstances. You have internet access.

And that means...what, exactly? Net access doesn't guarantee jobs, opportunities, economic freedoms or even understanding.

[Zone] Hertia Hiilya@Wyrmbear: Cheat/Lie/Steal
[Zone] Hertia Hiilya@Wyrmbear: Also known as Senator/Congressman/President
[Zone] Alina@stefan13ro: whine/more whine / extra whine

...which is, I suppose, as good a place as any to end this, because the rest of the chat capture certainly contained no explanations.

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