Thursday, January 15, 2015

never in existence has there been such a resistance to ideas meant to free us

[Looking For Group] Clik@clicktokill1: so you actually leveled a character with that name...
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: well it's my only character haha

And...that's the name you chose for him. With your main account name advertising you're a 'cool teen' who likes corporate music. Not that impressed so far.

[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: im looking for a guild
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: btw
[Looking For Group] Plum@foxglove123: i met gay bottom in pvp once
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: lmao
[Looking For Group] Plum@foxglove123: its a name that stands out

I bet.

[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: yeah
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: anyone for dread spire?
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: im afraid of going alone :>

And now you're just a cliché.

[Zone] Cleir@sweetcleir: how come we don't play together that often? 3:

This seemed to be in relation to nothing else under discussion, so Cleir, I have no clue.

[Looking For Group] del@f2pma: need 1 to enter mc paying 4[Dark Enchantment, Rank 5]after u can leave
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: Someone failed in school

No doubt.

[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: 360 is half circle, it's on Wikipedia if you don't trust me!
[Zone] Zandar@zaandar007: omg he is such a dumb ass..360 is right back where u started..omg
[Zone] pms@misterpothead: 180 is half circle
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: My father is a math teacher so I must know that 360 is half circle!

That's your defense? "My father said so"? Also, if your father's really a math teacher, and he doesn't know that, he's not a very smart teacher.

These two logos seem to get it. But, put another way: a full rotation of a circle, according to this page, is 360. A half rotation of a circle, as seen on the same page, is 180. How is this hard?

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: It's exactly the same routine.
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Obama is the only reason why Bush was not re-elected a 3rd time!

Nope, try again.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Morg, you're on my ignore list. NO offense
[Zone] Red@kamitha: omg more politics
[Zone] Red@kamitha: :(
[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: troll politics
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Hmmm what? Putin is still president for a 3rd time so Obama can also be president 3 times in a row by constitution!

Strike two, 'cos you're hitting it clean out of the stupidsphere. Care for strike three?

[Zone] Utgarda@marakinut1: Putin got around that by being the prime minister once, which would be somewhat difficult in american politics
[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: For make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan


[Zone] Kane Stonebeard@slvrsrfrx666: i'm just curious, what constitution are you talking about that allows 3 presidencies?
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: So I just read the bible the other day, not to spoil the ending but Jesus dies.

Ohhhh, I get it, you're not solely irretrievably stupid, you're also a troll...Got it. I can ignore you from here.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: what kind of a name is "never winter".... can you imagine if panama was called neverwinter? or hawaii ? everyone would think "how stupid"

While we're talking about stupid come so many folks who don't read fantasy books, or have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, find themselves playing Neverwinter, which is not only based on Dungeons and Dragons, but relies on many established fantasy tropes? It confuses me.

[Zone] Xarina Swift@lady_phoenix: Actually, He lives.

Kind of depends on your definition of 'lives', Xarina, but hey, you go 'head and believe that, that's kind of the point.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: What kind of name is "Dwarven Templar"
[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: That's like calling my dog, "Brown Dog"

Not entirely sure I agree, there are dwarves that have other jobs.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: we should rename anchorage alaska "never spring"... oooo how clever

You're still not getting it, but today, that seems par for the course.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: can we keep religion out of the chat channel please? its influence is bad enough in RL - wars etc
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Yeah, well, if Jesus didn't exist then how was the Roman Empire defeated?
[Zone] Xyrlynn@Zalpha: Batman defeated the Romans obviously
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: By itself Morghar
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: tomorrow america that is vast majority Christian, celebrates 4th of july... thanks for honoring our day with this event neverspring

Right, so you're also an idiot. Got it.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: ??? what on earth has a dead carpenter gort to do with the fall of an empire? are you nuts lol?
[Zone] Red@kamitha: oh for goodness sakes people.
[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: welease bwian btw rofl
[Zone] Thor@sharky445: 4th of july is not a christian and has nothing to do with christian bs

Let me help you there, because you've almost got it..."The Fourth of July is not a Christian holiday..." is what I think you meant to type.

[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Hmmm no, Moses was christian!

Still an idiot. And a troll.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: the greatest empire ever, before america, rome, became Christian.... and the greatest empire ever, america, was founded by Christians... we have a good track record and deserve the 4th of july

Couple things. Rome wasn't the greatest empire ever, before America. Second thing, America isn't the greatest empire ever.

[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: Don't feed the trolls please

I try, but it's so hard...though at least these days I can snark on my own blog instead of actually in Zone chat.

[Zone] Ladore Mistweaver@sockmunkey: Isnt july 4th when Muricans defeated the indians and celebrated by inventing fireworks and beer?

Almost? Considering the loose grasp on our history most 'murricans have, after all.

There, that may help clear some issues up.

[Zone] Alaric@loxagn: Oh yeah? Well if Thor isn't real, then where did all the frost giants go?


Who says they went any place, anyway?

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: I think Dwarven Temp is going on ym ignore list too
Quite possibly.

[Zone] Thor@sharky445: loser christians belong at bottom od sea

That's a little judgemental...I don't want the loser Christians dead, though having them all row out to an island and then taking all the boats back with us sounds fairly attractive. Then we could keep the thinking Christians, that'd be fine.

[Zone] Thor@sharky445: Hail joe peschi!
[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: it's spelled Pesci

Speaking of which...

[Zone] 5th Edict@lyaise: chat going well.....
As it ever does.

[Zone] Red@kamitha: cant we all just get along?

Well, if we take Zone chat in Neverwinter as an ongoing social experiment on how people of varying social, religious and econonic layers interact...I think the answer's "no".

[Zone] Mabondal@tjlongshot: if you are going to hate on people because of their religion, then you just need to keep your fingers off your keyboard
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: most of this community is not intelligent enough to speak about religon
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: when the western world was opened up to us, everyone wanted in... Christians alone were successful, hence why it's almost entirely catholic and protestant... we deserve the 4th of july... thanks

That's...not what happened. At all.

[Zone] Mabondal@tjlongshot: people like "thor" are why people get killed in america.

What? Why?

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: "people like thor" hahaha
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: I detest all religion equally, but like human beings.
[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: Ya'll need to stop argueing over nonsense

Never happen. People are divisive, argumentative reactionaries, they'll never stop.

[Zone] Zephyr@arixaya: hey that joke just raised the niveau!

What's a niveau? Oh, wait, is it French? Okay, I understand what you mean now.

[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: I will win this for mother russia
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: what's there to argue about? 4th of july was created to honor the good Christian people that fought to create america.... (bows)

Right, that's it, next time I log in to NW, you're getting ignored too.

[Zone] Gimpocalypse d'Fail@gimpocalypse: Dwarven Templar made made ignore list night... is he spouting his Fox News propaganda again?

Oh, dear gods, you mean he gets WORSE?!?

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: haddock i like russia... good Christian nation after they ejected communism

I don't think they 'ejected' Communism, actually...

[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: There, you made your point, no one cares anymore
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: are you that bored that you Troll on a free to play game ?
[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: I think the answer Veruca must be yes
[Zone] Valdrin Avrymtor@poriah: and what trolling on a pay to play game is different?
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: apparently
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: yes the caliber of troll is higher

Or something.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: fantastic race the Romans :)
[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: Roman isn't a race
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: *facepalm*

There was more, but you know, for once I deleted it. Boring conversation anyway.

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