Wednesday, January 14, 2015

you gotta proofread when you type

SL drama, as ever, self-perpetuates with no need of help from me, but I thought this of value to pass on.

[15:55] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Clothing Mesh And Fitted Mesh Meli Imako, Oppenheim (207, 148, 22) - Moderate
[15:55] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: tp me [exxxxxx]
[15:55] Pxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx: your link doesnt work =)

Of course it doesn't, it really wasn't a link. (Just as an aside, the general format seen is something akin to:
Full kimono with geta, X Store, [SLUrl], box on counter with bow

Mesh house on MM board, 314/600, Y Store, [SLUrl], group join but free group
or like this one, which was verbatim from today:
[16:03] Lxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: GIULIADESIGN- New SLF Offer Gift Cute White/pink Mesh WhiteTee&PinkMiniSkirt


[15:55] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: [Exxxxxx], I believe there are issues with that store, should not be posted here, thanks
[15:56] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh sorry
[15:56] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i didnt realise
[15:56] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: It's okay [Exxxxxx]. The issues have only become recent

Not even one minute later this happened:

[15:57] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: Meli Imako is awesome fp mesh designer, you see her stuff all over the place and she's cheap!

Now, this is the actual link, and it leads to something called "Desgins Skins and Shapes", so not only are they in violation, but they can't spell. The parcel description reads "High Detaild Clothing Mesh and Fitted Mesh Hair, Skins ," and that's a direct quote. ("Your Grammar Sucks", anyone?)

Clearly, every visible vendor in this shot is full of actionable IP-ripped items, but more on that later.

[15:57] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: Kxxxxx, did you see my message above?
[15:57] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Kaijah, please do not post that store .. there are issues with that store atm
[15:59] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: i didn't post it [exxxxxx] did
[15:59] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i apologised i didnt know
[15:59] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: and once i got here yes there are big issues with this store!
[15:59] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: [Kxxxxx], you still posted it right after her
[15:59] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: yes I did after her
[15:59] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: not initial post

Just as a tip for any group, and I've been in violation of this more than a few times: try not to argue with group mods. It'll put you on that very short list of troublemakers the group might well be fine without.

[16:00] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxe: We are saying do not post that store. It doesn't matter if it's an initial post or not.
[16:01] Kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just out of curiosity, and doesn't have to be that particular store what does "issues with that store" mean? Do not buy items? Delivery issues?
[16:01] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: ok I'll try to explain
[16:01] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxxr: the store is not authorized to use the Imako name, hence it is deceptive
[16:02] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: in addition there are TOS issues with the products being sold there and one of the mods confirmed that a DMCA has been filed by Imako
[16:02] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: therefore, pending a change in the situation, we don't want it posted here
[16:02] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: yes he is clearly in violation

Also lazy. In violation, and also lazy, I think that applies. He didn't even change the vendor art, it's her pictures!

[16:03] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: and for the time being, I think we will survive without it
[16:03] Vxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: amen to creator content
[16:04] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: and anyone that uses templates purchased from that place will be in violation as well and can get thier stuff pulled
[16:05] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: I don't think they are selling full perm there
[16:05] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They aren't

Adding insult to injury, taking full-perm mesh templates and selling them as, what, straight clothing? What an utter waste of oxygen.

[16:05] Kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you for clearing it up - I had no idea what it meant, now I know. THANKS!!!!
[16:06] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what place?
[16:06] Sxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxx: one mentioned earlier in chat which will not be mentioned again :)
[16:06] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: not clear [Axxxxx] some vendor photos say full perm but reboxed so hard to say
[16:06] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha nope deffo not
[16:07] Kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the name would help if we want to avoid them ?
[16:07] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh too bad, i just logged in and i wish i didnt make the mistake... can someone im it to me?
[16:07] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: not sure, I'll check [Exxxxxx]
[16:08] Vxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: they advertise as fullperm, but most items inside arent, + i think they're selling stuff straight out of the FP box, and not retexturing/modding, which may be against original creators ToU
[16:09] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: yeah, there are a bit too many bad business practices going on there for us to ignore it
[16:09] Exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[16:09] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: If are actually interested in getting Meli Imakos items her actual in world store is here
[16:09] sxxx Sxxxxx: So in clarity M I has a DMCA filed against them or they have filed against someone else ?

Well, Ms. Imako has had a few DMCAs filed against her, for various reasons. But she seems to have figured out IP infringement, and she's actually turning out attractive mesh templates for pretty reasonable prices, overall, so I don't have a problem supporting her these days.

[16:09] Sxxxx Gxxxx: is there a NC regarding what is allowed and isnt in here?
[16:10] sxxx Sxxxxx: I wasnt naming names just initials ...
[16:10] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: Starr, you can read the guidelines on the group info screen

And, for courtesy of non-members, I'll repeat that info here:
SL F and O is an international fashion and shopping group for daily notices about new releases, sales and nice gifts!

Our blog:

NOT ALLOWED in chat:
Store owner ads/spam/self-promotion
3 lines MAX posting!
MP Links: Inworld Only
Criticizing stores/gifts
Land rental/sale
Adult stores/items
Car/motor-AO-Pay MM/LBs

Pls don't link your blog in chat

Questions? contact Estrellita Gagliano or Astrid Veriander :)
Basically, the reasoning behind this (as I've observed since joining) is pretty simple: Breedable places have caused drama in the past. Roleplay places (especially Bloodlines sims) have caused drama in the past. Self-promotion is verboten because the things we find should literally be things we find while out doing other things, not blatant advertising. No discos/clubs/DJ venues, because all too often, all they've done is slap up a lucky board or MM board during events, and then it immediately comes down. No land rental/sales offices, because in the beginning, a lot of sim owners would post 'gift here' and the SLUrl, and when members went to check it out, they'd be hassled by sales agents to rent a sim.

No vehicles, no motorcycles, no AOs, because in the organizers' minds, there's no way to check if the interior contents/parts/poses have been ripped off, so they're simply no longer allowed.

This sounds pretty restrictive, but what these restrictions give the members is a pretty specific sense of what to post, and not to post. Do we still get people who post in violation of this list? All the time, but to their credit, most of them are new. Things will eventually work out.

[16:10] Sxxxx Gxxxx: some are fairly new and seems we are stepping on toes
[16:10] Sxxxx Gxxxx: was asking for not for myself
[16:10] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Good question Smartass [Sxxxxx]!! (this is said with a pinch of jealousie for not thinking of asking before!!)
[16:11] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: lol...ok for everyone, pls review the guidelines on the group info screen
[16:11] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: stuff that isn't covered there you will learn by following chat
[16:11] Sxxxx Gxxxx: thanks but the question was not for myself was a group question that was all

And that's understandable. But in the meantime, we have this issue. More when I uncover more.

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