Sunday, January 11, 2015

now here you are with your faith, and your Peter Pan advice

[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: kill things, have fun, dont be a dick

Generally good advice...

[Zone] Grey Worm@phutt1989: Don't be a pug
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: k thanks
[Zone] Vogio Vorgo@CamelCamelCamel: I'd say don't use ID scrolls on green drops.
[Zone] Vogio Vorgo@CamelCamelCamel: Others might disagree.

Like me, but it must be said there's this running controversy between two modes of thought, and they're pretty clear-cut. The mode espoused here is generally seen in heavily-armored, strength-is-the-only-attribute warrior sorts, who believe it doesn't exist as a usable item if it's not blue or purple. (The four 'levels' of magical items and armor in Neverwinter: white, up to about level 10; green, up to about level 35, blue, up to about level 50; and purple, up to level 60--and beyond into Epic.)

[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: can all classes tank or is it only certain ones?
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: Build them right, a most can, yes.
[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: GWF, GF are tanks.
[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: DC can tank in a pinch
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: I hate tanking as a cleric

But it can be done. I know; on my level-60 cleric, I've done it.

[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: but this game doesnt really need tanks
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: XD
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: oh k cool thats a good
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: tsk tsk
[Zone] Matty Jay@mjaus01: do you need to team up in this game at higher levels?
[Zone] Baelok Zsasz@ibtbam: join a good guild man
[Zone] Baelok Zsasz@ibtbam: that's your team
[Zone] Solaris@toxicphoenix: Only a few things call for a party. Most are solo-able.
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: Define ... "good guild." :P
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: I really need to build up my guild again. I miss the interaction
[Zone] Baelok Zsasz@ibtbam: i suppose... friendly, knowledgeable, willing to party up together instead of pugging

So, "pugging". I actually had to go look this one up, and once I tracked down the definition, I understood, and understood also why it's used so dismissively. Neverwinter as a game, in and of itself, is extremely prone to pugging, almost as a rule for behavior.

Pugging, as it is currently defined, involves the act of soliciting pick-up groups. So what's a pick-up group? Let's take Neverwinter grouping as an example. All groups, even large epic dungeon parties, max out at five people. So you can go in solo (and generally fail), if you want; you can go in with up to four other friends, people you know and (generally) can rely upon; or you can just pick up strangers out of chat, and deal with the consequences.

For some things it's not an issue. During the run of the Winter Festival, there was a vendor giving out daily 'starlight parcels'. These contained a paltry amount of in-game coin, a Star of Fortune (which had other benefits), and a voucher for a gift package on the Zen Market, which is essentially the cash shop for the game.

Once you unpacked the parcel, you generally got an event item (ice "fireworks", "sky beams", or sky lanterns were the typical things), an enchanting stone or a special companion, mount, or piece of equipment, and a Gift of Simril.

And to use that, you basically had to gather up to four other people--friends or random strangers--get them in all in the same place near each other, then launch your gifts. The trick was, this year, your gifts wouldn't give anything to you, only to other people. So, pugging actually became a hefty consideration: "Can I trust random strangers to accept my gifts, then toss out their own? Will they take mine, then leave the party? Should I wait until I can get my friends online for this?"

A lot of us did both things, I can't even tell you which is better. I had fun both ways, and something that was so purely devoted to simply giving struck me as both entirely appropriate to the season, and a really nice gesture on the part of the Neverwinter admins.

Anyway, long-winded answer to a slang term needing definition, we return to our conversation, already in progress:

[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: oh big question, i heard of med kits? i only have potions now and there on a cooldowns, do medkits have cooldowns?

[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: But.. everyone promises that... and they never give it.
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: ;D
[Zone] Solaris@toxicphoenix: I don't see a point to guilds past some extra quests and not having to pug.
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: The med kits are for when you are injured
[Zone] Intrika@zestragic: Fawn is a great companion. It opens a healing pond at a start of fight
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: what is injured? debuf?
[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: med kits are for when you in that other game where you lose durability
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: oh k, i havent died yet lol
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: I mean of course there is like.. Teamspeak and such but. it's a sack of drama. D: and I am too much of a diva myself.

No, really? With that name? I am shocked, sir, SHOCKED, I say.

[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: It is when you die and respawn... you use an injury kit to heal them
[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: or stand by a fire for 3 min
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: k ty lol
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: Or you can ask a nice person to get you a stack of injury kits. ;)
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: lolz
[Zone] i am sexy@stevenshu1989: who can help me buy a mount, i want a faster mount

Begging is generally not the way. Just FYI.

[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: I usually fall asleep when waiting for an injury to heal then get kicked off LOL
[Zone] Solaris@toxicphoenix: Pro tip carry a full stack of kits with you at all times. o.o
[Zone] Wez@monkeybababoey: yeah im terrible at spells haha
[Zone] Jill Stritter@beanbastard: queue for Armories of Moradin , its easy AD
[Zone] Matty Jay@mjaus01: can anyone tell me how to turn tips off plz?
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: I'd like to know that one actually
[Zone] Jill Stritter@beanbastard: like everything in this game
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: Pets his Cockatrice while looking down at his knee, beginning to nod off. He shakes his head waking up suddenly and picks up his Cockatrice and puts in in his lap after sitting down on his throne.
[Zone] Gluteus Maximus@hellwinkle: quit playing with your cock
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: It's not a cock, it's a nub of butter


[Zone] Jill Stritter@beanbastard: is jealous of Sir HomoFabulous Cockatrice
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: Glances up tilting his head to the side at Gluteus's remark, and behind his Unicorn mask he glares, then laughs hysterically.
[Zone] Solaris@toxicphoenix: I'd like my girlfriend to go both ways,but it's not going to happen.Just like no one is going to give things away they can make a ton of AD on.
[Zone] Gennal Stalkingwolf@simpleton2014: enjoy your victory, it wont come again for a while
[Zone] Z'ress@divineheart17: Make the voices in my head stop!

Oh, haven't we all said that from time to time...

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