Monday, January 26, 2015

we're heading for Venus and still we stand tall

Join the battle for net neutrality.

Did you know humans bioluminesce? I did not know this. But studies have shown that indeed, we do--just not brightly enough to detect with our own vision.

And what happens when you take a very high-speed camera, and a very active dancer, and tons of powder? This.

You will never be as happy as this man is with his world-record-breaking onion. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

By agreement, we can put things in the public domain, in perpetuity. It's the heart and core of Creative Commons licensing, after all. In actual legal practice, we can't do that. And that needs to change.

Also, the MPAA isn't about supporting privacy, it's about supporting itself. And that needs to change, too.

In fact, the RIAA is kind of in the same boat, and they also need to change.

Just what is intellectual property, anyway? How is it actually defined?

There are fish capable of living more than two thousand feet under solid ice shelves.

Finally, this is why the US needs better educational systems, and stat: over 80% of Americans (over the course of several polls) support mandatory labeling on foods containing DNA. The problem with that? MOST FOODS CONTAIN DNA. Because they're FOODS. When will the stupidity end??

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