Tuesday, February 3, 2015

gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket

So Massively is shutting down...Which is just odd to me. Forget their Second Life coverage, but I still read that blog. Hells, today I sent out a tweet concerning a Massively article, it's not like my attention wandered five years ago. Why, AOL? Why are you doing this?

Something I think is always worthwhile to pass on every now and then is good password management toolsets. This entry from the Crash Override Tumblr is an excellent article, with multiple links to explore to learn more on why password randomization is a good idea.

In the meantime, Garena ESports have wholly and utterly lost their tiny brainless minds. First, what does it matter if a female play is a lesbian, or a trans woman, or both? Second, why did they feel the need to develop rules for the Iron Solari that would exclude female players from playing in female-only teams? Don't they want players for League of Legends? Isn't that the point of any game?

Also, in a few years (presumably, once we all have mood- and chemical-balancing brain chips) we may be able to press a button and reset our circadian rhythms. I have a few friends who this might work for, and well--assuming the technology tests out in humans. (Right now, they're still studying the effects in mice.)

And goodbye, Mr. Whybrow. I could not come to your official wake; I was too overwrought still to be good company. But I did go to the memorial, and wandered those items which friends had left. You would have approved, I think. Someone finally finished working on a highly ornate musical ornament, because you'd encouraged them to start. There were flowers, cherry trees in full bloom in defiance of the seasons, places where gentles could gather and converse around a fire. Candles, and of course, pictures of your redoubtable shopgirl. It was rather overwhelming in itself, but I am glad I went.

It makes losing you no easier, but knowing how many lives you touched, that does ease the grieving.

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