Thursday, December 20, 2012

you are the hole in my head, you are the space in my bed

Seriously, people, Unicode abuse, I sees it: just walked past a "ṩᾧἔἔҭђἷłᾄʀẏ".

Her bio was worse:
☆ ¤º☆ ¤º☆ ¤ºin ferie = NN ROMpete☆ ¤º☆ ¤º☆ ¤º☆ ☆´¨)
ƈձթﻨгε զսձlƈօรձ ժﻨ ოε ժձ սռ թгօբﻨlօ օ ժձ թօƈհε թձгօlε ﹖էгօթթօ รεოթlﻨƈε﹗﹗﹗
. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯)
(.¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤º.`•.¸.•´ ☆ђ เ Lค гเ¸.•*¨)☆™☆
☑100% รςคtєภคtค
☑100% թձ২২ձ
☑100% νﻨνձ
Why, why must you abuse the system so?

And then, God dropped by to amuse me.

Booty Magician, Boy Detective: emillllly
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: i have a daaaaate
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: im nervouuuuus

I know. God gets nervous. This makes my brain giggle.

Emilly: Why?
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: First date from an online thing

And God uses online dating. More amusement.

Emilly: Ah
Emilly: Was this an "I really like your hair" booking, or a "hey, we might have hit it off and I think you're not psychotic" booking?
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: Second one
Emilly: Then treat it as a coffee date. Go in to have fun and see if you've got compatible interests. Hold no other expectations. It's just a meet-n-greet.
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: Yeah
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: F*ck
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: ALright
Booty Magician, Boy Detective: HEADING OUT

Godspeed, err...God. Is that sacreligious?

So, server-side baking is coming, and there's already a big fuss on the net about it. Which is odd--many of the third-party viewers are either close to converting over to v3 structuring, or they already have and they're just waiting to see if the code tests out. So why all the sturm und drang?

Based on comments on that article, and some additional feedback read over on SL Universe, I really think it's because Souther honestly, deeply believes that if it's not Firestorm, obviously it's flawed. And since nearly everyone in her opinion uses Firestorm, then if it's not something her team can do, then no one else can do it.

And her assertion that older machines won't be able to use SL after the code shift--well, seriously, there are machines that can't use SL now, I doubt a server-side recoding will kill access for anyone who's not already suffering connection problems. Flat out.

I guess for me, time will tell, and I do plan on following the developments on the third-party viewers I plan on continuing to use. But I don't think it sounds like a deal-breaker yet. If anything, it will stop things like this or this from happening--and frankly, I'd much rather look at an avatar that's all grey than one that has those kinds of problems. Letting me not see some of them is actually better for everyone.

As bizarre and giggle-inducing as they can be at times.

Finally, I leave you with the BilBIQ quadraped robot. Currently, it has no sensors, and so must be programmed only to walk in straight lines for prespecified limits. Still, they are planning on enabling sensors in the future, which will make it able to read its environment and react independently by moving one, two, or all four curved limbs.

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