Monday, December 10, 2012

I can hold my head up knowing that I got through the night

Why does this even exist?

A while back, Miss Kallisti contributed to the Around the World event (she picked Australia/New Zealand, which is where that SLUrl would drop you off if the event was still on), and back on the 15th of November, she sent a box of demos and new styles to try out.

This is far from the first time I dropped the ball on something, but considering I'm a massive fan of her hair, my only excuse is that towards the end of November, things were crazed and depressing--I was fighting to finish NaNoWriMo (I didn't), still dealing with one-third of my triad being in another state for physical therapy (she's back home now, but wasn't then), still scrambling with everyone else to try to save City of Heroes (that failed, too), and still mourning the mystery man who left without a word (and I still haven't heard anything).

Most of these situations have resolved. City of Heroes got axed, as unfortunately expected. NaNoWriMo ended without me "winning" (though I did chronicle, at the end, over 27,000 words, so I don't feel too terrible about it, considering I didn't even start writing until November 11th). A couple days before Thanksgiving, the girl got home, and we have taken over walking exercises to keep her muscles mobile and the physical therapy fresh. And I've given up on that love, after eight months without word.

I think that's the hardest thing for me on the list.

But, my various losses might be your gain--at this point, these styles MIGHT be in Discord Designs proper, so look for them there!

(from the fashion album)

This is the loose dread style "Butler", in the 'Gracile' variant (basically, slimmer and less "weighty" than the Robust) in Mid-Grey, with the accompanying alpha layer. For most of the heavy dread styles, though, because of their sheer bulk, they really don't need the alpha layer to be worn.

(from the fashion album)

For the weight difference, this is "Butler" (from the Light Essentials color pack; the above's from the Dark Essentials color pack) in 'Robust', in Tan. All color packs of "Butler" feature unrigged mesh hair.

(from the fashion album)

This is "Calvin", in Nut Brown, from the Dark Essentials color pack. Note: This style of Calvin is RIGGED mesh, which means it can't be adjusted nor can its position be changed. Still, out of the box there's only one or two sections for me that seem to show more scalp than hair. Drop my head diameter down a mark or two on the sliders, that just might be enough to fix it.

(from the fashion album)

Also keep in mind she's included unrigged versions as well, if the rigged really doesn't work for you. And with the included matching hairbase for each hair, that hides most potential problems with the rigged versions, anyway.

(from the fashion album)

And this is "Calvin" in the Baby Blonde, from the front (from the Light Essentials color pack)...

(from the fashion album)

...and this is it from the back. There are places where certain of my AO movements will clip the mesh through my shoulders, but considering the length, it doesn't happen that often, which is surprising. It also looks really good for days I want close, clean braidwork to romp about in.

And I'll go ahead and split this for convenience. Look for part II soon! (Or, y'know, just click that link.)

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