Sunday, December 30, 2012

on the fields and the farms and the road to town

Finally getting around to going through some of the Advent stuph (at least, the outfits I didn't unpack and wear during the Advent-gathering process). And of course, I'm finding the occasional oddity.

Like the "Pilia" dress from Charisma Designs. Here's the included product pic from the box:

(from the fashion album; Charisma Designs' "Pilia" Advent dress for 2012)

It's a simple, casual holiday dress that's not the SL-traditional micro-skirt option. The coloring is really pretty, and I like the overall look. I can see wearing it by itself, or with a wrap, and it could work either way.

At least...until I put it on:

(from the fashion album; Charisma Designs' "Pilia" Advent dress for 2012)

Um. This is not how the picture looked.

(from the fashion album; Charisma Designs' "Pilia" Advent dress for 2012)

Maybe it's a height thing?

Don't get me wrong--I still think it's pretty. I still think the texture is lovely, and there's a wonderful effect created by the double-skirting, in that the lower skirt panels are solid, with the upper skirt panels being translucent--so there's no direct alpha issues, just a long dress that looks as if it has an upper layer of sheer material overprinted in the same pattern.

(from the fashion album; Charisma Designs' "Pilia" Advent dress for 2012)

It's just...I don't think it's going to work on me without some serious adjusting. Plus, with this being a strappy Empire gown on me, instead of the intended silhouette, there's some serious clipping issues with my poses, as can clearly be seen in the above shot, and in the first shot of me in the dress.

(For this look, I'm wearing Alice Project's "Momo" mesh hair (size M, in Christmas White); the "Icicle" holiday gloves from the "Icicle" outfit from PinkMare's House; IM Capped's 'Soul Windows' eyes in Fir (Visined variant); and the Azil "Winter Ice" skin in Snow from Curious Kitties with the "Marcera" in Silver makeup overlayer from Musa. All of these were either acquired from Advent calendar daily offerings, or (as in the case of Curious Kitties) a group gift during their Winter Festival [which is still going on]. And though they're not seen at all, I was also wearing the knitted Winter stockings from VampRealm and the Fetish Ankle Boots in White from Fetish Doll [both of which were also Advent offerings].)


Dale Innis said...

Can you just yank the skirt prims down(ward)? Or is it some complicated meshy thing?

Emilly Orr said...

Absolutely, I can yank the prims downward. This leaves me with two new options:

* raise my height to around seven feet or so (I currently average between 5'4" and 5'8" on all my shapes, barring the pixies, which average between 3'10" and 4'1"), or
* cope with the fact that the skirt is now permanently ending below the floorboards.