Monday, December 24, 2012

toiling through the ages, making toys on garnished wages

Sometimes I'm the only one seeing the oddity:

(from the bizarre album; sea above, sea...below?)

And yes, yes, I know what I'm wearing. Shush. I was testing a concept.

This is not the first time I've seen something like this, but this (while I was still using Cool VL) was definitely one of the oddest things. This was several months back, during a period where rollbacks seemed to be happening every four days, and I had been having problems rezzing things out in my skybox.

When this occurred, I was standing in a Linden sim, empty of everything but me and a slight protrusion of green. I looked down, checking inventory, and when I looked back up--doubled ocean view.

(from the bizarre album; more of the Booty Brigade at Viviane)

Guess what I found! I'd forgotten all about this one; turns out there were actually four of them, nearly all with the same bottom-heavy, gargantuan-butted shape, tiny little feet, and fully physics-enabled, almost-entirely-maximum-sized breasts.

(Forgot to mention that on the first round--all four of these lasses had extraordinarily bouncy physics layers. It wasn't just the breasts--it was breasts, bellies and butts, and all at full tilt. A little bit of bounce adds a touch of realism. But a lot? A lot pushes it full-tilt into surrealist clown-car territory. On goddamn SPRINGS.)

We move from the very large to the very small. While wandering through Vendom, I caught a wee fierce sleekit beasty...oh, and the Petite riding it:

(from the bizarre album; Petite feral horned hooved...something, riding a squirrel)

I didn't even know the grid had riding squirrels.

Of course, if you look more closely...

(from the bizarre album; Petite feral horned hooved...something, riding a squirrel)'ll notice a few additional things. Like the fact that she's essentially wearing a fur bikini. And has horns. And has a little black twitching tail. I don't know if she actually has ears, nor the species of whatever ears those might be, because her hair covered them up.

Also note the hooves. Big black furry ones.

Her profile said she was Gorean, something I find fairly hard to believe (at least in theme, as there's only one recognizably non-humanoid intelligent race on Gor, and it's not teensy pixie people), but mostly, I was just grinning idiotically at the concept of wee feral hooved women, riding fierce squirrelly stags into battle.

Or...whatever wee feral hooved women would ride into battle. I could be wrong. Maybe she really longs for a ferret. Or a shrunken tiger. Who knows?

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