Wednesday, December 26, 2012

just for the record, the weather today is slightly sarcastic

Seen in Champions the other day by a friend: "Battman". No picture, because it wasn't me, plus she was croggling over the fact that in a game where you can have any particular name you want, even if it repeats another character's name, this fellow still chose to spell the name wrong...but it did get me thinking.

What if that's really what he meant?

What if he didn't mean "Batman", the Dark Knight, the moody antihero with bat wings, but...a softer, cuddly variant?

I now present to you...BATTMAN:

(from the random album, a so-called 'teacup' Pomeranian puppy)

The pint-sized superhero made entirely from cotton wadding! He forces villains to submit because they cannot stop saying "Awwww" long enough to commit crime! He defeats evil masterminds by the awesome power contained in his soft, pettable, cotton fur--and by the fact he can easily distract the sleekly arch, pure white cats of evil from their laps with a can of wet food!

It's a stuffed animal! It's a cosmetic puff! It's a throw pillow wrapped in angel-hair tinsel! No, it's BATTMAN!

Okay, okay, fine, that's likely not what he meant. Shhh. I'm enjoying my version more.

If you're a member of the Eldergoth Macabre group--or even if you aren't--one of their allies, the H.P. Lovecraft Roleplay Group, is having a Twelve Days of Whatevermas event.

(from the bizarre album; the HPL RPG's tentacle tree)

They have a tentacle tree, and the first two gifts are still out. (They're both labeled Gift 2, but trust me, they contain different things.)

(from the bizarre album; the HPL RPG's Shoggoth on the roof)

And of course there's a Shoggoth on the roof. What holiday would be complete without one?

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