Friday, December 28, 2012

you and me, we're going nowhere slowly, and we gotta get away from the past

Last bit on Perfect World, I promise.

I retreated back to a safe position while I tried to figure out what I was trying to do, and how to do it. I noticed some lumbering beetles, and made my way towards them. I had eight minutes to kill ten of the things; fine, I could do that.

(from the games album; wait, what are they talking about?)

It was then that my eyes were drawn to the bright yellow text of the chat...and I felt them promptly fall out. WHAT were they talking about??

Plus, they spelled "bestiality" wrong.

(from the games album; wait, what are they talking about? AGAIN??)

And it didn't get better. After this, there were a few minutes while I was tying up the killing-random-things-for-no-reason quest, and trying to figure out how to pick things off the ground, because none of the standards I was used to seemed to be how, and the conversation just kept going downhill.

(from the games album; the I-have-had-it point was reached)

And this is the final image I saved, the one where I decided there was no future for me in this game. Rampant typonese: check. Underage Visigoths cursing each other in open chat: check. No clear tutorial instruction: check. Avatars for the game I actively disliked: check. Timed quests when I don't know what I'm doing: check. (Oh, and on my way out, when I decided to turn the quest in, and got immediately handed a quest to kill the ten other kinds of low-level baddies in ten minutes? Check and mate.)

And after all that, the fact that they implemented cute little animal emotes in chat, over actually fixing the damn game--that chat was more important to them than game mechanics--I literally sighed, logged out, and uninstalled the game on the spot.

Was the experience worthwhile in any way? No. Did it at least convince me that Champions could be worse? Sure, but after the "Blood Moon" event tied up at the end of October, I haven't been back to Champions, so obviously, it's not a draw either.

Back to the MMO drawing board.

Seen in passing from someone whose name was a badly mispelled variant on "I love trolls" (not even kidding):
WARNING: You have the right to shut up and if you give up that right anything stupid or mean you say will be recorded and used against you. I am the master of copy and paste! You have been warned.
TOS conditions met. :D
Yeah, no, see, you're an idiot. The ToS doesn't say that.

And I'm not entirely sure, because I haven't seen everything out there, but this may be one of the ugliest mesh avatars in existence. If not the ugliest, hands down.

On the mesh front, Danae Adjani has decided to turn over part of her Flickr stream to documenting cases of copyright infringement from other 3D programs, into SL. There's a variety of sources listed, and she's got good side-by-side comparison shots. It's something to keep checking, if you're in doubt (especially if you're buying templates, and not actual clothing items).

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