Thursday, May 10, 2012

memories that flutter like bats out of hell

And part two of the doll entry, because the first one was getting on the long side.

This one's going to be a little bit fetish, a little bit Loli, because Damned Good Designs threw up a new doll case on the Marketplace. It's L$750, and the description reads:

Precious dolls deserve a perfect display case, so treat yours (or yourself) to this one by Damned Good Design!

This case has elegant goth styling. It can be color changed on touch to any one of 8 different colors (see photo for available colors). It comes with 21 poses built in, including 5 custom doll poses(and future custom pose packs will also be available).

The Precious Doll Case is also modifiable and expandable, so you can add or remove poses and menus whenever you want! Position adjustment is menu powered, and you can save your custom configurations.

The case is 18 prims, and can be transferred for easy gift giving. Stay tuned for Steam, Fetish, Classic and Space!
It's one of the largest cases I've yet seen, and seems more designed for display and tiny stage action, over simple storage. Which can also be part of the point--performance, for one Dollmaker, or for a small crowd. This case? Might well be ideal.

It also got me thinking.

...but apparently, not hard enough, because this entry has been stagnating back in the buffer for over a year, now. I'd originally saved this for publishing on March 4th, 2011. And if I thought I'd lost the thread on the first one, I have no idea now on what I meant to write about!

And likely even less inclination.

Moving from Kickstarter mentions to RocketHub, I want to go over some of their scientific projects currently. There's a project involving Safe Water International that's going to be funded completely, but there's still 21 days to go if you want to get involved. Taking the concept of the 'straw filter' one step further, they've developed a system involving sand, ceramics, plastic tubes and trace colloidal silver that will filter and clean larger amounts of water for consumption and cleaning purposes. They've got the design and they've got the backing of SWI, so they're good to go when the funding comes in.

Meanwhile, there's a coral reef study going on in Kiribati right now--the interesting thing about that research is that the scientist in question is already there. He's only barely funded for full scientific research but he's going on his own. So basically, giving to that project will support the work he's already doing, on the ground. (You can watch his blog directly for updates on what he's doing--this is his fifth trip to the area, and watching growth and stress of coral formations is something he's already "funded" to do. What he's asking for is funds to research how the local population has changed their habits in-country, to reflect what's happening on the shore--and in the sea.

And there's a project going on to identify previously unknown moth species on the remote island of Kaho'olawe (part of the island chain of Hawai'i). Remote islands are nearly always two things--first, a treasure trove of unknown species, but second, difficult (if not occasionally impossible) to get to--which is why they're treasure troves of unknown species. This project is nearly 75% funded, with 21 days to go, and it looks likely that the scientific team will be able to gather the research they want when that project funds.

Finally, an odd one to round things out--may I present the Royal Equestrian One Bit coin. If you're like me, and don't watch My Little Pony cartoons, this means very very little. But if you're like apparently everyone else who loooooves the show...well, the Royal Equestrian Mint wants your money. Literally. They want to make upscale fandom numismatic tie-ins and make money while doing so.

They're 75% funded as we speak.

In Japan, the lingerie branch of Triumph designs a "concept bra" to represent current trends and concepts. These are, as this article points out, never designed to be sold as bras, but are simply one-off "stunts" to draw attention to the company.

The sad thing about this one is I think it could be a fun concept. Granted, laundering it would be tricky, but I like the idea of the cooling gel insert--especially if (unlike the concept version) they could be removed for easy washing. Prior to this development the only underwear designed specifically for cooling purposes have been post-surgical support designs--which are a) expensive, b) very plain and c) usually long-line variants, not simple cups and straps.

I'll spend some time thinking on the doll issues, see if I can come to some kind of internal resolution, and I'll get back to you. It goes onto the steadily increasing pile of other ideas, slowly moldering into absent recollection.

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