Monday, May 14, 2012

can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?

I'll just leave this here.

Soooo much to mention today. Let's start with the fact that until this morning, I had no idea electric harps existed. There's more information on their website, or check out what's on their YouTube channel. They're good.

So what's been happening with the Marketplace JIRA? Not good things. First, we have the first Marketplace-connected store closure I've heard of (there may have been others, but I can only be in so many groups at once):
Hello all.
I have made the decition of closing the shop up. I am having a 50% rebate sale starting now and will end to be announced, probably a week, maybe a bit less so I have time to pull inventory in.
I will try to rent and open a small shop sometime after summer vacation, but can't warranty it. The marketplace messed up a lot of my listings, so not everything is in there, sorry.
You know the rule, purchase, notecard, send and get back your rebate.
Thank you all and for now, Happy SL!
Now, she admits she may be back, and she admits she's likely maintaining a presence on the Marketplace--but I remain convinced that a large part of this closure is due to the Marketplace fiasco. Speaking of which, it's stopped getting comments because it's all fixed now, right?
This is the 3rd week and no resolution had been made! is anyone going to address this or fix this? it's causing my store to go into 3 pages, 9 of which items that aren't even mine! All of these listings in the provided photo's are the names of items I no longer sell, and they have someone else's photo's attached to them? please remove these from my store. thanks!

Items are being listed on the second page of my marketplace store with names of items that I no longer sell with other vendor's photo's attached to them.

When you click on the item it goes straight to the marketplace home page so there is no possibility of editing the item. The items being listed with other vendor's photo's, are not even sold on my marketplace store anymore. I have even deleted those items from my marketplace magic box, and they are still showing up with other vendor's photo's.
That was Stasey Oller on the second of May.

Okay, but that was early May, things are fine now, right?

Slate McLeod, May 3rd:
Friggin joke...come on Lindens pull your finger out ! My store is borked as well and I'm losing sales hand over foot. This is REAL money we are losing !!!
WADE1 Jya on May 4th:
Yikes! I am surprised there is so many now. Scary thing is here when I first noticed this issue there was only 4 affected items, then there was 6, & now this. So marketplace data is continuing to corrupt more everyday.

I am shocked Linden Lab does not have appropriate database normalization measures in place.

Makes me worry that all our data (financial info, L$ balances, SL inventory, etc) could be managed in this same dangerous way.
Sweet Valentine on the 6th:
this issue is like a worm going through our shops every day more and more bad corrupt listings....What are you guys doing to our listings?????
Barziban Castaignede on the 7th:
I am amazed that nothing has been done to fix this issue. My store on Marketplace is still corrupted after what I think is nearly 2 months now. I have taken everything off line to avoid any serious cock-ups with people buying the wrong things and so have lost sales. But still no resolution and no notifications of any developments. I am completely shocked at Linden Labs inability to sort this out and reluctance to let us know what is going on. Looks like we have been forgotten and might as well pack up and leave SL....
solcar Amat, also on the 7th:
I am starting to feel exactly the same as Barziban. I would like to add more items to my shop, change or re-edite others but I don't dare to do anything till this problem is solved. I also feel we are being forgotten, whereas a communication of what has gone wrong, what are they doing to mend it and an apology would at least make me feel I am not talking to an empty wall. Crisis is crisis, they might be short of people working on this issue, but what I feel is a lack of interest for the trouble they are causing.
Then Sassy Romano stepped in:
Barziban, Solcar and others, LL has provided updates but not here. Just as Support says "add to the JIRA" (pointless, since they already know of all of the issues, just adding "me too" doesn't add anything, the updates are provided elsewhere.

Specifically, you need to follow this thread
So I went and read through it. These are the pertinent points:
[UPDATE: April 26, 2012] We are continuing to work on outstanding Marketplace issues.

The most significant issue that has been addressed over the past week was slowness on the Marketplace website, which occurred intermittently between April 18 and April 21. Page loads should be much faster now.
NO. The most significant issue was not slowness on the Marketplace website. The most significant issue is STILL the total borked NATURE of the Marketplace, start to finish. I really don't think anyone cares how slow it is, IF the RIGHT ITEMS are being delivered to the RIGHT PEOPLE, and the product pictures match the listings...and the makers. THAT'S the big issue.
Here is the status on additional JIRAs:
  • (WEB-4587/WEB-4601) Search results, best-selling lists and related items showing up on other merchants items or images. Current status: other merchants’ listings should not be appearing in store search results, best-selling lists, related items, etc. Other merchants’ images may still appear on your listings, but this is less likely to occur as we work on a solution.
  • (WEB-4676) ANS for SLM does not populate the Location field with internal ID. Current status: this is in progress and will be deployed soon.
  • (WEB-4696) Deleted listings appearing in search results for consumers and in Merchant Admin. Current status: we are working on resolving this issue.
  • (WEB-4441) Orders stuck in Being Delivered Current status: the orders stuck here due to unicode problems was addressed, and we continue to investigate remaining orders stuck in this state.
  • (WEB-4567) Bulk delete failing. Current status: the work-around on this is to delete each item. We continue to work on resolving this.
  • (WEB-4574) Direct Delivery products are re-delivered to purchaser instead of recipient. Current status: we are working on resolving this.
We continue to work on the other Marketplace JIRAs and will provide additional updates as soon as possible.
So, first things first--that is the latest update from CommerceTeam Linden, who's now right up there with Pink Linden and Frontier Linden for absolute and utter fucking worthlessness. What have they done since the END OF APRILLE? Have they done ANYTHING, in fact??

Lokii Violet from the 12th of May:
This has been ongoing for several weeks now. The absolute cluster%$@! of other merchants' names and products in my store are cleared - NOW instead I've removed some items I no longer carry in-world and they're repeatedly ghosting with the product name and another merchant's photo of their product. This has gone on for too long now and I'm sick and tired of filing tickets to be told to go to this Jira, or that jira, or be redirected to yet another Jira listing to find a day later they close it as a "duplicate" with no answers as to when this is going to be repaired.

Please stop with the run around on this and just remove the unaffiliated ghosted item picture listings and be done with it. Something like this should have been thoroughly tested before being pushed live and is in no short sum of words royally screwing with merchants' reputations and service records with the community.
That's two days ago as of this writing. This entire issue was first filed March 28th, 2012. The Lindens themselves have admitted that the latest borking builds on a database issue that existed since 2010. So more than two years of this, and it's no longer just the 14xxxx cluster affected. There are confirmed reports of twisted, inerrant data in the 12xxxx sector, the 15xxxx sector, and scattered reports from the 16xxxx sector. At this point, there may well be other affected sectors in the database

But let's just assume--for fun--that 25% of the items in each borked cluster are fine, or are repeat listings (unintentional or deliberate). Even allowing that margin for error, that's still 75,000 items per cluster. Times four. That's 300,000 borked listings, and that's if those per-cluster numbers aren't higher, and if there aren't more borked clusters.

The population of Cardiff, Wales, hovers around 340,000 currently. Fukushima, Japan, which was very hard hit by the tsunami, and later, the partial meltdown of their power plants, recorded a population of 290,064 in May of 2011. These aren't New York-sized cities, to be sure, but 300,000 is still a lot of people.

Or let's bring this back to things again, not people. This is what 300,000 bouncing balls look like. This is not a small number.

From Zachary Puddlegum, also on the 12th:
Hello still broken not fixed what is taking so LONG?
I can NOT edit items that not in my manage invetory to fix this.

why can't you just remove this ghost images and fix my store front so i can get back to selling? been way over a month now.
Tiffy Vella on the 13th:
Another corrupted image, and link, and I'm still a magic box user. Clicking this takes the customer out of my store. Not happy, Jan.
And finally, WADE1 Jya, comment left today:
Know why they don't comment on this?

It's because 'data corruption'-- which Lindens do admit this is – is the software equivalent to what a building collapsing is for an architect. It is total system failure, biggest screw up possible. Structure must be razed & rebuilt from ground up – or abandoned.

That's why the silence.

Lindens, please please do correct me if I'm wrong?
I'd love to know that, too. But the Lindens don't communicate, after all. Apparently ever.

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