Tuesday, May 22, 2012

seems like there's always someone who disapproves

Speaking of ageplay...Don't mistake me when I bring this up; I'm not saying Miss Kit does bad work. She actually does really good work, and she's targeting a very specific market on SL. Hells, the shading and texturing on the "Schoolbus Cutie" is truly excellent, all things considered.

But...that's part of the problem. The model as depicted in the "Call Me" outfit might be...might be...eighteen. She's very short, but some girls are; it happens. I'll even grant that she might be close to her teenage years, but juuust old enough to pose like that. Fine. Cult of youth, remember. It works.

But then looking at the "After School" outfit...that model's shorter. And the face looks...if I'm being generous...sixteen. Possibly younger. The model as seen in the "Walk Me Home" package is...again, if I'm generous...fifteen.

Which drops us off again at the "Detention Cutie" set.

Is it just me? Because that model, as depicted, doesn't even look fourteen. I mean, yes, I know Hentai High exists on the grid, but even they maintain that the roleplay features eighteen-year-olds (or older)...though by that definition, that's a "high school" for kids who were held back a few years...

But I think my point stands. If your main business is catering to that cheerleader/high school fetish, more power to you. That's ageplay, but I don't think it's damaging ageplay. That's fairly harmless fantasy; go have fun.

But when your main business caters to teen prostitutes and teen runaways, in addition to the varying versions of very short school uniforms, with a side of eerily accurate underage skins...Are you crossing that line? And I have no high horse to stand on here, just so we're absolutely clear about my motivations bringing this up: if I had the money, right now, even having looked at the rest of her product line...I would buy her Lilly skin and shape in a heartbeat. One. Single. Heartbeat. And that really looks no older than most of what I've been bringing up! And to go that one step farther--because I've been on this ongoing goal to match at least the height of me, RL, I'd likely try to wear it as given, with the shape in the box, or see if I could fit it to one of my existing shapes--in which case, she'd be either as tall as that generally A-cup shape clocks in at, or in the vicinity of 5'5" (because I'm 5'5" on the other side of the screen).

Okay. Change of topic. Back to City of Heroes:
KNOWN ISSUE: Panther Travel Power!
Panther Stealth Power
We have discovered an issue where changing your active build while the Panther Travel power is active will cause a crash which can result in your character becoming inaccessible. We are actively working on a fix for this issue and will provide an update regarding the status ASAP. For now, we highly suggested that players do NOT change their active build while the Panther Travel power is active.
And translated for those who don't play in City of Heroes:

  • There's a new travel power which melts your hero or villain form into a sleek black panther, who is auto-stealthed when they run off.
  • This makes you reasonably undetectable to enemies; in other words, when you run by they will not, in general, attack you within an inch of your life.
  • A lot of people think the combination of cool-looking travel power + stealth is an unbeatable combination.
  • A LOT of people have bought this travel power because of that combination.
  • There is a provision, when you make characters to play in City of Heroes, that when you level up you can save your "build"--that is to say, that version of that character with those powers and abilities at the time you saved it--for use later (for instance, say you wanted an electrical epic power set, but after playing with it for a while, you wanted to go healing, but you just weren't sure you wanted to convert straight over. Saving the build of that character with electrical powers, then going back and starting a new "build" of that character as someone who had epic healing, say, gives you the chance to see if that's the better choice for you).
  • The Panther travel power--all travel powers, as it happens--is a toggle-on ability. Translation: click the button for that power once, it's on until you click the button again to shut it down.
  • If you have the Panther travel power active--that is, if the button's been pressed to set the power "on", even if you're standing still at the time--and you change your active build, the bug has been crashing the entire game.
  • When you return from the crash, and click that character to finish your build work, you'll be told that character cannot be played.

Yeah, that strikes me as a pretty severe bug. Here's to them fixing that soon.

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