Saturday, May 5, 2012

he led me into a hazel copse and stripped me of my bark

Note from a friend:
[6:51:38 AM] Axxxxxxxx: Message from Casper: Since the recent grid software rollouts, there's been an alarming rise in script engine faults on regions. We've had instances of scripts reverting to LSL2 (and immediately crashing due to lack of stack space), inventory contents rolled back so changes are reverted, and all scripts on entire regions be completely disabled - see
I cannot stress enough the importance of having a second backup dropbox on another sim. Please keep an eye on your regions and vendors.
Hmm. Yeah, I'd definitely say check that JIRA out; that issue sounds HUGE--both for CasperVend clients, and other vendors on the grid.

Not only that, but worse upheavals are going on. Sims are randomly restarting without warning, and in many cases, rolling back to earlier saved states. I can't find any information yet on why this is happening. In addition, many estates are finding their rental boxes randomly resetting--also without warning.

More when I learn more.

In the meantime, this biography of "Twilight Dandy", a level 18 Magic Controller:
-Excerpt taken from a Renaissance-era newspaper-
"...Theater was once again packed, the crowd held rapt with awe at the unworldly feats of the magician calling himself the Twilight Dandy. A masterful illusionist without par, this dapper individual is especially reknown for his aura of mystique; there are none who can attest to his true identity behind the mask. Further compounding his reputation is the rumor that he understands -real- magic, beyond anything his stage performances have let on. He seems to cultivate this reputation, crediting his success to the teachings of the Fae...a claim that has earned him enmity from the Church..."
-Excerpt from Paragon Times-
"A recent new act has appeared in Founders Falls, earning much interest from patrons of the theatrical arts. Taking the name of a magician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Renaissance-era Italy, the illustrious 'Twilight Dandy' claims to be bringing a magic art to Paragon City like none other..."
He was wearing a very nice suit, too. Fun background.

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