Tuesday, May 1, 2012

and I won't say that I can be repaired

[10:15:20 PM] Emilly Orr: Oh, and news from [Mxxxxxxx] on the ground--in fixing the latest Marketplace delivery bug, the Lindens managed to cock up group chat AND teleportation! Way to go!
[10:18:05 PM] [Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx]: Wheeee
[10:18:11 PM] [Mxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx]: oh and even higher than normal lag everywhere. And group chat for most is buggered also
[10:18:20 PM] Emilly Orr: Great
[10:18:20 PM] [Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx]: *facepaw*
[10:18:30 PM] Emilly Orr: WTF did they DO
[10:18:38 PM] [Mxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx]: They fixed things.
[10:19:10 PM] Emilly Orr: With what? A mallet and a fruit fly with a brain injury??
[10:19:41 PM] [Mxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx]: Nope they used a vibrating chain saw also.

What makes my brain seriously hurt in all of this was that they knew there was a major problem on Friday. In fact, they flipped it up on the grid status page that it would happen on Monday:
[Posted 1:00pm PDT, 27 April 2012] We will be performing scheduled maintenance Monday April 30, 2012 beginning at 6:00am until approximately 9:00am. Please save all builds and refrain from rezzing no copy objects or making inworld L$ transactions. Some residents may experience delays logging inworld. Please follow this blog for any updated information.
So, after an incredibly bumpy weekend, the maintenance finally happens on Monday...and just about everything is showing signs of breakage.


Heard over on Mr. Antfarm's blog, there's something called the Newbie Bloggers' Initiative. I think this is a great idea, and a great many people are getting involved, so hit up HBA's post for all the details. (I think I'm sidestepping this one, because my basic blogging advice to anyone is "Don't be me"...which isn't very helpful.)

I've been pleasantly surprised with how good Avatar: the Legend of Korra is--it's got pretty tight plots, great action, characters that feel real despite the fantasy bent, and is an animated show that adults can enjoy instead of endure--but discovering this was hysterical. It makes sense, though--who else does Konietzko have around all the time?

Chocolate planets? Absolutely. Likely cost an arm and a leg to ship, but they're really well done.

Minecraft's sent out a tats and connections page that looks like one of the end scenes from War Games. It's fun, though. It has three display settings: "a few", "a bunch", and "Kaboom" (for which the hovertext is "You're on your own").

New World Notes has tracked down Ceri Quixote, the owner of the largest avatar in SL--which makes it easier for me to tell people who she is, because of that pesky not-so-many-SL-names policy. Ethics are tricksy things. But confirmed there as well, she's planning on releasing a (slightly smaller) version for retail sale. Still intrigued to see how tall that avatar turns out to be.

Flipping (briefly) to the Marketplace JIRA, a word from Kampu Oren:
At some point, I think it's reasonable for people to assume the problem is being left deliberately unsolved in order to achieve some unstated purpose.
Now, I think it's a fair assessment to call me a conspiracy theory fan, if not so much follower. (In fact, one of my uncles RL was so fascinated by conspiracy theories, especially crop circles and the "glass tubes" on Mars, that he and I communicated for the bulk of our interactions with tips overheard from big conspiracy sites like the Enterprize Mission site and the Crop Circle Connector site.)

But even I have to shake my head at this one. While I believe there are many, many things behind the scenes that we do not understand at Linden Lab--some few of which, likely to our future detriment--I can't believe the Lindens would go through all the fuss and nonsense of announcing code updates that they're not actually putting in place. And there are code updates going on--many of them breaking other bits of code, to be sure, but they are being employed. From hot fixes to patches to code editing itself, the Lindens are changing things.

If you play City of Heroes, and you're a member of MMORPG.com, you can get in on a costume giveaway they're hosting. It's for the Alpha and Omega tech-armor sets, and there's still almost three thousand keys left.

Finally, a lovely bit of urban camouflage--it's expensive, but it's an ingenious way to hide your laptop from casual glances. I wonder if it comes in other headlines?

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