Monday, April 4, 2011

I'd rather go to hell than be in purgatory

(from the dolly album; photography by Dangerously Dolly, model Amelia Arsenic.
Used without permission, but with my heartfelt encouragement to go visit both sites and perchance, buy things.)

A long, long time ago--seriously, it was back in January--I was asked a question about erotic doll play. I am extremely sorry to report that it's taken me this long to get back to that. Some of it was me dragging my feet on my own issues with the topic (which are all personal, and not a judgement on the doll community at large, nor even the erotic dollplay community, online and off), but mostly, I got a new job, which kept me hopping and too busy to breathe some days.

Now that things seem to be easing up a tad, I've completely forgotten the angle I was originally going to write. So this is going to be less involved, perforce, than I wished it to be. Still, if there's sufficient interest I have no problem revisiting the topic. There's a lot to cover, and a lot of different styles in play. (So to speak.)

But mostly, as it stands, this is just a list on some of what's out there, on the grid and off.

from the dolly album)
The Doll Works: Personally, I can't stand this store, but she has a lot of adherents, and she is doing innovative doll work geared towards serious doll fetishism. And let me be plain--I don't dislike her because she's a bad designer. I am simply not that big on presenting as a plastic doll; even my stronger fetish-tilted looks tended to reside, at some point, closer to "vintage porcelain" than "Barbie's Bondage Playhouse". And the Doll Works is all about the Living Doll as Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun to Be With, so I fully grant, it's just not my thing.

But no one can deny that she's HUGE, and that while you can just buy a skin, or an overlayer, or a prop, what she's really geared towards is offering transformation packages--taking your doll-to-be and making her over completely, from the skin and shape out.

From doll joint layers to outfits, skins, shapes and even AOs, it's really one-stop shopping. Even if you don't find anything you have to own, no aspiring doll fetishist should pass up at least a wander through the store to really look at what's offered.

Shown above, the "Cheer Dolly" is a complete avatar: L$1850 for skin, shape, pullstring key, outfit, all props shown, some with scripted RLV features, and everything's on tattoo, alpha, or clothing layers. It's bright, shiny, very plastic; but that's kind of what she does.

from the dolly album
The Doll Works caters predominantly to the 'Barbie' looks; so think plastic-doll joints, prim breasts, themed avatar sets (from anime to the Bratz), plus a few offbeat additionals--one of them being the "Lustbaby" Mechanical doll avatar (L$2500), which might just fit into more adult steampunk settings (though I think Mr. Allen has far better feet for his Clockwork Concubine; in fact, I think CiCi's a more attractive avatar period, but I digress.) Generally, for two or three thousand Linden, you can get your doll capably outfitted for play here.

(from the dolly album)
Next up: HybridZ Latex Doll avatars. While the Doll Works edges into this territory, HybridZ is all about the latex. They do have other items, but for the most part, think full-encasement objectification avatars and equipment, over three floors.

Miss Taenil Auxifur was kind enough to give me some words of advice, and a personal demonstration on one of their suits, because...frankly, several items in this store would mark this blog decisively as Adult. I can tread that line, but really, I want this blog to be less narrowly restricted.

(from the dolly album; Taenil Auxifur modeling the HybridZ Latex Puppy in Golden.)
How'ver, that's also a bit of a warning if you go--because most items leave no doubt as to their stated intentions, which is all to the good if that's what you're looking for. If what you want is your doll to be featureless--save for the features you want to emphasize--and glossily shiny from full latex covering all limbs...This is your place.

And they're pretty close to comprehensive. They have costume latex, full hoods in a dizzying array of styles, alien latex options, doll latex options, robotic options, amputee options, three different ways to put your doll on all fours (puppy, kitty and inflation-suit binding), and that's without mentioning the esoteric options! Most avatars have full RLV support, some have other tie-ins, and all feature full aftersale support. Their staff is polite and very willing to help, and a basic avatar for your dolly will run between L$700 and L$1000 on average.

(from the dolly album; VirToys' fully sculpted doll-mask head.)
VirToys. VirToys is a very small store with a very narrow speciality--either blow-up or plastic sex dolls, depending on avatar style--but they work it for all it's worth.

They have pretty much three "styles" of doll, then accessories to accompany them: "Busty" the Lovedoll Avatar (comes with the shape, eyes, pink rubber skin and hair, prim bits, a "sexdoll mindcontrol" collar, and the whole thing is RLV compatible, for L$980); the "Black Sin" android sex doll (includes the shape, eyes, black rubber skin and ear covers, prim bits, the "mindcontrol" collar, and the RLV compatibility, for the same cost as "Busty"); and "Dolly" the Rubber Doll Avatar (comes with the full-sculpted doll mask shown above, a pearl necklace with the "mindcontrol" scripting, two different pink rubber skins, RLV compatibility, and an animation override with a permanent fixed smile if your doll or you don't want to use the sculpted head, plus the shape, a face light, and 'freebie' hair, for L$680). In addition, you can buy both the sculpted doll-mask head, and a "Black Sin" sculpted head variant, plus the "mindcontrol" collar on its own.

If what you want is total "bimbo" style play-toy conversion (the owner of the collar can also emote and speak through the doll, plus render her incapable of movement, speech, or sight, with the added RLV features), and you're interested mainly in blow-up or silicon love dolls, this is so your store. It's under a thousand Lindens to set your doll up, even with all the separate options added in.

(from the dolly album)
Eclectic Randomness. ER is just that--very random. Winter Ventura makes what catches her attention, and so very much does. But, in and amongst the other ephemera, there's a tilt towards latex dollification.

First up is her vaunted latex isolation hood. She's refined this over the years to an art form; while there are other hoods on the market, if you're looking for a standalone hood with high gloss, sculpted details, and vast customization options, you cannot do better than Eclectic Randomness. L$500 will buy you the hood, and she may still be offering updates to the code, as she turns them out. (Keep in mind that for that L$500, you're also getting the shape, separate "collar" overlays, and 24 different hooded skins.)

(from the dolly album)
Next, she offers latex implants, that come with their own variety of options. They're all high gloss, very shiny, and are designed to accompany her hood and her latex catsuits, sold separately.

(from the dolly album)
Both the catsuits and the latex implants go for L$200 each, and the catsuits have smooth and even shine patterns.

(from the dolly album)
Finally, hair, all in the token upsweep single/double ponytails of certain fetish communities. For L$300, you'll get low-prim flexi hair with the ER token high gloss, that can change to any of the twelve colors of her latex, and you'll be able to customize highlights, main hair strands, as well as the bands attaching the hair to the head--or the hood.

For between L$1000 and L$1500, depending on options chosen, you can fully outfit your latex doll.

(from the dolly album)

Past that, there are some really gorgeous options for other forms of doll play, like the Doll Display Case. With a base and back wall of padded silk that is color-changeable, etched glass and a wooden frame (also color changeable), it would make a lovely addition to practically any home that contained a doll. L$250 will buy you all eleven prims of it. And if your taste runs to intricately designed robots, she's got you covered there too, though her X-series robots (now in both male and female variants) go much higher on the Linden cost due to the precision of the primwork.

Yeah...this is going to be more than one entry. So I'll stop it here from now and pick up the next one in the next day or so.

(from the dolly album; photography by Dangerously Dolly, Model:
Mosh, shot in Los Angeles, CA.)

(This post written to a soundtrack that included the Dresden Dolls' "Coin-Operated Boy"; VNV Nation's "Illusion [Doll Face Mix]"; Jonathan Coulton's "Creepy Doll"; the Pussycat Doll's "When I Grow Up"; DJ Earworm's "No More Gas"; Autumn Tears' "The Broken Doll"; Hole's "Doll Parts"; Nancy Wilson's "Satin Doll"; Rachel Yamagata's "Paper Doll"; Al Jolsen's "A Broken Doll"; Aerosmith's "Rag Doll"; Real Life's "Send Me An Angel"; the Hot Ones' "Bollywood Baby Doll"; My Friend Skeleton's "Funeral of a Broken Doll"; Icehouse's "Hey Little Girl"; the Courteener's "You Overdid It Doll"; Aqua's Barbie Girl"; the Mills Brothers' "Paper Doll"; Alan O'Day's "Undercover Angel"; Kanon Wakeshima's "Still Doll"; Paloma Faith's "Broken Doll"; Iggy Pop's "Sixteen"; David Bowie's "China Girl"; the Foo Fighters' "Doll"; Brandi Russell's "Broken Doll"; the Misfits' "Devil Doll"; Mick Jagger's "Sweet Thing"; Emilie Autumn's "Gothic Lolita"; Hugh Laurie's "Little Girl"; Fihanna's "Disturbia"; One-Eyed Doll's "Monster"; Complex's "Pretty Doll"; the Stooges' "Little Doll"; Emilie Autumn's "Opheliac"; Republika's "Sexy Doll, Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls"; and Sumi Jo performing Offenbach's "Les Contes d'Hoffmann [the Doll Song]".)


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