Sunday, May 6, 2012

how you break my heart in this cold waiting room

[desmondshang] runs screaming in a cave

This kind of thing? Happens a LOT. But to be fair, between the slimes, creepers, skeleton archers, zombies, two varieties of cave spiders...really, Minecraft is pretty much designed to creep folks out at night.

Or in caves.

Like to knit? Like Dr. Who? Want a fairly elegant way to bring the two together? Try this--a lovely, lacy Tardis capelet.

The issues surrounding intellectual property, copyright, and trademark are labyrinthine and diverse as an individual; but on occasion, they're even daunting for commercial enterprises for which these laws were ultimately designed. Witness the current wrangling between Sam Raimi and Award Pictures over the trademark to the Evil Dead franchise. On Raimi's side--he wrote the damn thing, as well as produced and directed it, along with Robert Tapert (co-producer) and Bruce Campbell (actor and producer). On Award's? A chance comment attributed to Tapert and Raimi from 2000, that they would "never" produce a sequel. This, according to Award, was trademark abandonment. Which is wrong, but they seem insistent.

Referring back to the sexism in games entry, I present more irrefutable proof:

Right. Because the hip swaying and that outfit are completely innocent.

According to game mythology, the Elim are apparently not little underdressed girls, but instead, centuries-old tree spirits that choose to take the form of underdressed little girls. Because that makes the whole thing better. Sure it does.

(In all fairness I should mention that according to a friend, in the North American version of the game, the Elim are heavily censored. But that's not really the point, is it? Not when they're obviously designed to be taken as little girls.)

(And it's not like they're not cute as a race when they're all together...but seriously, people.)

More scenes from a hunt.

(from the scavenging album)

If I was going to spend my time as Alex Blackwell--quite literally getting under his skin--I realized after the first few hours hunting that the hair had to go. But--not being one--I don't have a lot of male, or even unisex hair. This was the best I could do, "Criss" from Discord Designs (and I'm not even sure it's sold anymore).

But the point of this is not to point that out; the point of this is that, immediately upon putting on Alex's skin--and the remnants of his clothes--I decided there was no way in hell I could wear Alex's least not out of the box, so to speak.

(from the scavenging album)

This was my solution: I grabbed a random damaged plaid pattern, and made goddamn leggings to go underneath those tattered, tattered jeans.

(from the scavenging album)

And Alex from the front, to show off the "leggings", which--at least for me--solved the issue of when these jeans were going to completely dissolve and fall off Alex.

(from the scavenging album)

Another of the Missing posters. Here's the fun thing about the Missing posters: not that I'm going to, but I could, quite literally, do a blog entry and snap a picture of where all fifty of them are located. I could do that because, without the HUD and without being within ten meters of each poster, no participant can grab the numbers and just punch them in. You have to be within that ten meters, period, no other option. No camming around the sim looking for things; no touching objects you're not close to.

More to come!


Serenity Semple said...

I dunno about the whole child thing. I mean I'm pretty understanding of japanese culture and chibis and how some characters look young. It'll be a debate that may never have a yes/no, right/wrong, etc. because of different cultures. But in defense of the Elim (granted I also play one in Tera) those are not child hips at all. They may be flat as a board, which some people even are to a later adult age as well, but even still I don't see a huge problem.

Then again I am a giant suporter of 'If you don't like it, don't do it/buy it/play it'. I always expect everyone to get butthurt about everything now a days, it's like no matter what you do it's NEVER acceptable by someone. Exaple - coppertone recently changed their logo (as seen in recent magazines while I'm bored in RL stores) so that you can't even see the crack of the ad child's behind even though the dog is still pulling on the underwear. Is this a result of the same paranoia and obsession people have? I can't tell anymore. @ @

Emilly Orr said...

It's hard to know, really. There's so much paranoia, especially in American culture, where all adult actions are scrutinized in light of potential pedophilic impulses--whether the adult is an acknowledged predator, a distant relative, or even father or mother. Let alone teachers, preachers, or casual strangers on the street.

That being said, and acknowledging that the culture--and thus the ethical rules--are different in other countries, I still think the Elin are pitched as little girls in terms of mannerisms. You're right, those aren't child hips--they're child-bearing hips, sure--but when the stripper moves and the burlesque outfits are paired with beings that look underage, and--even more importantly--act underage...yeah, it makes me at least wonder what their motivations were.

Kallisti Burns said...

Yes - you're right - Criss was withdrawn from sale in February 2011... sorry... :(


Emilly Orr said...

No worries. First, I keep a lot of older hairs around, both because I like their look and because I don't have as much these days to get newer hairs.

And second, I still like mentioning hair makers (and designers in general) that I like. (And usually link, though this time, I was lazy about it.) You never know when someone will wander by and become a customer because of a random mention in a blog.