Wednesday, May 23, 2012

and every touch and all the nights I wanna be beside you

More scenes from a hunt. The next two are from stops on the Latex Station hunt, going from now until June 13th.

(from the scavenging album)

Tasteful decor, spacious and elegant build, and whispering statue hostesses? Sure. Why not? (Though admittedly, you'd have to time your arrival for when one of the statue greeters is present...)

(from the scavenging album)

And, at the House of the Rising Sun, the world's most paranoid panda. Yes, he really moved like that. Plus, he has a couple of bending over/leg kicking moves that I didn't include, because it made him seem both paranoid and twitchy.

And now for something completely different. Random wandering on Tumblr brought me to an entry by Flamboyant Skin (NSFW; tastefully so, but genitalia is seen) that turns out to be a shopfront in SL. Before you go, I should warn you that they're on Adult land. (Again, nothing too outré, but genitalia is on view in some of the vendor pics.)

(from the shopping album; full-length shot of the "Ariel" skin in Porcelain from Flamboyant)

Now, granted, I am a female. And this place designs for effeminate bish boys, for the most part. I'm not using their shape--which is slightly curved but generally within femboi proportions--because I like my own shape, for the most part.

(from the shopping album; closer shot of the "Ariel" skin in Porcelain from Flamboyant)

But I absolutely fell in love with the feminine-without-makeup look of this particular skin. And--apparently as with all their skins--they include masculine (read: masculine femme), androgynous, and tilting-towards-girlish skin styles. All their skins also come with a tattoo cleavage layer (which I'm wearing in these shots).

(from the shopping album; an even closer shot of the "Ariel" skin in Porcelain from Flamboyant)

As long-term readers know, unless I mention that I'm using Windlight or glow effects (or posting something on the lyrical side of look-how-pretty-this-sim-is), I tend not to use added photographic effects. What you see here is me standing in world, no bells, no whistles.

(from the shopping album; full-face shot of the "Ariel" skin in Porcelain from Flamboyant)

Granted, I am going to have to muck about with slider settings to accentuate this skin; but imagine what it would be on a more androgynous soul. Also, I keep hearing on occasion from acquaintances, of their search for bishy, effeminate skins on the grid, and their despondence when nothing's quite right.

Flamboyant Skins just might be quite right for those individuals.

(from the shopping album; a side view of the "Ariel" skin in Porcelain from Flamboyant)

The "Ariel" skin also has the advantage of coming in the widest color range--most of the other skins go from Light or Fair to a deep Tan or Cocoa; "Ariel" goes from Porcelain (what I'm wearing) all the way to a Drow-tone "Noir", and some fantasy tones in between.

If you're interested in femmy, androgynous skins on the grid, with decent detail and cleavage options you can wear (or choose to avoid); I'd highly recommend checking them out this week. Because this week their skins are on sale.


turnerBroadcasting said...

love the statue

Emilly Orr said...

I don't think she's there all the time, but she was even more impressive in person. Sadly, the wings were single-prim flats, so getting an angle that did her justice was difficult.