Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I might be better off closing my eyes

Back to the Marketplace JIRA? Why yes, for one mention. From Hurley Daxter:
Add mine to the mix too. Except, the listing that I have that are 'messed up' aren't items that I have in my magic box, nor in the MP inventory. And to add the topper of the darn thing... I used to sell teen shapes... Well wouldn't you know there's an ADULT themed picture to go right along with the teen shape that I don't even sell any more, and doesn't exist in my inventory listings. Ugh.
So I looked her up. This is what I found:

(from the bizarre album; both shape listings clearly with the wrong picture)

Both the "Quirky Curve Shape" and the "Quirky Bitty Shape" are clearly listed with the wrong pictures. Even better? When clicked, they default to the main Marketplace log-in page, which means that that's a dead listing. Neither the owner of the picture, nor the owner of the listings (two separate people) can alter this particular listing now. That's what's so damaging about this particular code glitch. (Well, that and it's been going on for two years now.)

But that's not the worst example. This is:

(from the bizarre album; a pic advertising a starburst on the right, black pasties in
the center, and a strap-on on the left hand side. Lovely.)

This is where it gets potentially very damaging to Quirky Designs. The "Black Star Pasties" pic on the "Quirky DipLow Shape" is bad enough, because it's clearly not a product picture of that shape. But to have the RLV-enabled strap-on set attached to something called the "Quirky Teen7 Shape"...yeah. That is going to cause problems.

And we already know those problems are coming, if she's not already getting hate mail over this. Why? Because some of the junior Lindens, not clued in to the fact that this is a Linden-created problem in the first place, are sending dunning take-down notices to merchants who have the wrong pictures for their products. She can't take this listing down; she has no control over that listing! She cannot alter it, delete it, or affect it in any way.

Yet some of the Lindens are still criticizing merchants who have the wrong pictures on their listings, or the wrong listing information. They haven't been told that these merchants can't change these listings.

But this particular glitch goes farther in Hurley's case. There are a few makers of teen shapes on the grid--Danika Design is one, Romi Skins makes both teen and child skins to go over teen and child shapes--search "teen shapes" on the Marketplace, you'll see what I mean.

Making and selling teen shapes--and teen skins, for that matter--is not the problem. Cult of youth, remember? Nearly everyone on the grid defaults to young and pretty, at least for the first steps out. The desire to be young is a strong one in this culture, for many people. So catering to that market is understandable.

But here the dreaded spectre of "ageplay" surfaces again. If what you're selling is a teen shape--even if you're designing it to fit standards of eighteen to nineteen, not thirteen or younger--then the last thing you want to do is connect that shape with a sexual device.

Yet, this is exactly what's happened. And who's going to get complaints from people who see that and freak out? Not the Lindens.

It remains completely baffling to me that this hasn't been solved yet. Two years of problems since converting over XStreet--which worked--to SL Marketplace--which has never worked right, and this is pretty much the icing on the cake--or the last shovel of dirt on the grave, depending. Businesses are going out of business left and right; many are converting over to Marketplace shops only, not knowing what tragically poor shape the Marketplace is in. And for every claim from CommerceTeam Linden that it's being fixed, everything's fine, this will resolve soon--we're still here.

So when will this be fixed, Lindens? Because as of now, you're not doing anything for your reputation every time word comes down that this patch is deployed and everything's all better now. Because it's not better. And it's still getting worse.

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