Tuesday, May 29, 2012

angels lie to keep control

[20:47] Lxxxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: Does anyone happen to know the rules on Adfarming?
[20:48] Lxxxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: Some jerk just put up a six story bilboard right next to my house in the way of my build
[20:49] Mxxxx Dxxxxxx: you want to check on the covenant of your property; if you own it or check with your land agent with the estate if its that sort of arrangement
[20:49] Lxxxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: It's mainland no covenant

It always surprises me that mainland has no covenent provisions. Of course it has covenant provisions; it's Linden-owned land! It's governed by the Community Standards and the Terms of Service provisions. But, since none of that is written down under About Land, the assumption is that there's zero covenant provisions.

[20:51] Lxxxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: Adfarming is when someone buys a small plot of land and just puts up huge signs blocking things
[20:52] Bxxxxx Hxxxxxxx fails to see the purpose of billboards in SL

Me too.

[20:52] Uxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: Ad farms were a real problem... people used them to manipulate people into buying land at very high prices. LL banned the practice.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean people stopped doing this; just that they'll do it until they get caught, essentially.

[21:08] Exxx Jxxx: Yeah next to my parcel I have a land seller. He listed his land as "Great for boats," but it is essentially landlocked. My land is the only way he could have access to the ocean. He rezzed a spite wall up.
[21:10] Bxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: LOL
[21:10] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: what a nice neighbor, yuck :(
[21:11] αмвÿßяαŁ [axxxxxxx Txxxxx]: try paying rent on 1/4 sim a month in advance and then the owner sells the land, new owner returns your stuff to lost n found and bans you from the land...and never gives a refund...
[21:11] αмвÿßяαŁ [axxxxxxx Txxxxx]: sells the land three days later
[21:12] Exxx Jxxx: That's why I buy mainland.

That would be why I would buy land in a stable estate, but these days, is anything a stable estate? Possibly Caledon. Some of the other steamland sims. Other than those, though...? We pretty much all take our chances.

[21:13] Rxxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: we rented land where the owner was insistant that everything look and feel like a bayou. then one day she allowed another renter to put up a giant, huge penis because it was art.
[21:13] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: Wow. Just wow.
[21:14] Rxxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: if i remember correctly it was also a fountain

The mind reels.

This next bit's because I'm tying up some hunts, and suddenly realizing, I'm running out of month to do them! So we all know what we're talking about, this is directly referring to the Macabre Hunt which ends on the 31st.

From the blog entry for hunt participants:
* Must stay within the Theme that is presented. Meaning, you can't just make any old silly dark thing last minute and call it good. How silly and boring. This Year's Hunt theme is: Dead in Wonderland The Theme in detail: Morbid Version of Alice in wonderland!!! THough a FEW Rules.: DO NOT USE DISNEY OR TIMBURTON'S OR AMERICAN MCGEE'S LIKENESS TO ANY THING> THIS ALSO INCLUDE THE MANGA: ALICE IN THE KINGDOM OF HEARTS! You must use your own inspiration. The Hunt Organizer os an AVID Alice in Wonderland Fan and WILL know if you use such likeness.. In using Copyrighted things, You will be banned from +The Macabre Hunt+ Forever more.
Now, that's directly taken from the blog itself, spelling errors, grammar oddity and all. But here's my question...Is Sparklie Silks going to be banned from the next hunt?

Because their "Macabre gifty" contains four paintings. These are two of them:

(from the media album)

The one on the right was from the American McGee's Alice re-release for consoles; this is just one of many articles written at the time using it. I can't find the one on the left for a direct link, but as I know it directly comes from American McGee's "Alice" game, too, it's just as much in violation.

There are two others in the gift box:

(from the media album)

The one on the left is an image of Alice Margatroid from the Touhou Project anime; it's specifically from this site, and is amusingly rated "SFW". Clicking that will give you a larger, substantially unblurred image, which is topless; I suppose if "NSFW" is only counted as a nude lower body, that could work...Maybe...At any rate, it's just as much in violation because it's a character from a popular dōjin game series.

And, of course, the one on the right is the Cheshire Cat from American McGee's "Alice" game, again.

But it doesn't get better from here. These are the sides of the paintings:

(from the media album)

What's worse? They're no modify. So not only do I have four paintings using copyrighted materials specifically mentioned in the hunt as something they did not want to see...but the sides just repeat the alpha frame texture.

(from the media album)

The bottoms do too; all the sides have this glitch. So--four paintings which cannot be modified; containing copyright-infringing art from two different games...for a hunt featuring darker-themed stores when they make silks in the first place.

Yeah. That's just fabulous.

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