Thursday, August 25, 2011

leave you here wearing your wounds, waving your guns at somebody new

Seen at Raven's Heart Sculpts:

(from the shopping album)

For anyone who can't make it out, and doesn't want to click, it says
And thus was it so that in that time did come to pass all that had been predicted. And he that had predicted it did say unto the others 'I told you so' and yea were the others much [aggrieved] and struck him with sticks until he shut up.
That about sums it up.

[21:28] Your Friendly Internet Troll [Jakkar Carlos]: I HAVE ENCOUNTERED A HOMOPHOBIC!
[21:28] Emilly Orr: That's hardly surprising on SL.

But he posted a chat transcript.

[21:00] GlennM Foggarty: what a fag jakkar
[21:00] GlennM Foggarty: is that all u got?
[21:01] GlennM Foggarty: compensating for a small dick in life?
[21:01] GlennM Foggarty: come on omo bring it on
[21:02] GlennM Foggarty: still waiting for you to porve to me your a tough guy

Okay, let me stop here. Now, I know Jakkar. We have had our fights and disagreements, we don't always get along, and some of his hobbies, frankly, I just plainly don't understand.

But. Even if you're a homophobic moron, at the least step up and read a book now and again, okay? It's much harder for people to poke holes in your straw-man arguments on why "homos are bad, mmkay?" if you're actually literate, and present those arguments calmly, rationally, and above all, intelligently.

Exhibit A, GlennM. "is that all u got?" And yet he fully spells out--correctly!--'compensating' on the next line! But then, he falls over his own feet one line lower, when he forgets that "omo" has an "h" in it.

As it stands, if you'd expanded that out, Glenn, to full "omosexuality"? That would just mean you'd want to have sex with your shoulders, and that's not only ludicrous, but I believe it's biologically impossible, as well.

And the last line just makes me cringe--"porve"? "PORVE"? Seriously? And misspelling "your" is such a common error, it just makes you look dumb as a stick, Glenn.

A particularly thick stick.

But they went on.

[21:02] GlennM Foggarty: fucking ladyboy
[21:02] Hisoka (baccus.docherty): LoL what's there to prove? At least Jakkar knows which 'your' to use in a sentence.
[21:02] GlennM Foggarty: u stfu
[21:02] GlennM Foggarty: did i ask for your opinion
[21:02] GlennM Foggarty: i think not

Here's the thing. Before we get to the tear-down of why using five letters for a five word sentence is such a bad idea, you're saying this in OPEN CHAT, you idiot. This means your conversation is not private, is not simply between you and Jakkar, and that anyone can comment on the words coming out of your mouth. Or is that not simple enough for you to understand, Glenn?

Let me break it down for you: use full words. This make meaning clearer, everyone get words, everyone understand. Did that help?

Next, the whole point of communication is clarity. Occasional typos can be forgiven--in the heat of any given moment, everyone has misspelled words, me included. However, this is just textspeak pushed through the wall and out onto the wide sea of obscurity. Besides, "u stfu" won't impress anyone you happen to be arguing with, and I really think the whole point of that retort was to make Hisoka back off whimpering and cringing in terror from...


*pulls up profile*

Oh, dear gods, you have zero excuse, Glenn. This is confirmation that you're this much of an idiot by choice. If your profile is to be believed, you:
  • own your own business
  • help budding models get gigs in modeling
  • have traveled the world
  • and have been in SL since 2007
So...what the hell is your problem? You've been exposed to other cultures, you've dealt with a wide variety of people, and these are supposedly good things. I guess traveling being a broadening experience kind of skipped past you, Glenn. You have NO excuse to be this lunk-headed.

[21:04] Hisoka (baccus.docherty): Nah, I was stating a fact. And I wasn't harassing anyone, I came here and was assaulted by your gay bashing foul mouth.

I am liking Hisoka a LOT.

[21:04] GlennM Foggarty: i dont like being harrassed by a faggot

Nobody likes being harassed by Jakkar, Glenn. It has nothing to do with whether or not he's gay.

[21:04] GlennM Foggarty: so again, why don't you stfu and get lost
[21:05] GlennM Foggarty: as for you jakkar you faggot, bring it on lady boy without a dick

I love this assumption that verbally emasculating someone with a choice phrase--even if, in this case, the choice phrase is on the moronic side--will result in nigh instant evaporation of the target of the phrase. And this rarely ever happens. Most of the time, you call someone gay--on or off the internet--and if they are, there's not a lot of wiggle room there. So to speak. The least challenging reply is "Yeah, so?"

But let's again break down the linguistics, here. Glenn is telling Jakkar that he's gay; follows that up with telling Jakkar that he's gay (thus being redundant as well as homophobic); then again informing him he looks like a girl (which, being a bish, is actually a compliment to Jakkar); then again stating that he looks so much like a girl he must be one...which circles back around to being gay in the first place.

It's as if men like this only have two places in their heads for people: "men" (including "other men") and chicks (which apparently include both gays and women alike). Pursuing this line of reasoning, then, if the whole point is to demean the gay male down to female status, and you are a heterosexual male, Glenn...then aren't you setting yourself up for a gay encounter? I mean, if you're telling gay men they're girls, and you like girls...sooner or later you're going to be sleeping with gay men. Because they're women to you.


The big problem I have with guys that seem to have their brains stuffed with hair, Glenn, is that you won't learn. It's not that you can't; education is out there, a thousand different libraries have books online, complete with research manuals, diagrams, architectural plans...With only a little bit of effort, you can take online courses in hundreds of jobs, training to be whatever you want to be. Local libraries will be happy to lend you books, DVDs, CDs, and some libraries now are even offering e-Reader programs, where for a nominal fee, you get your own e-Book reader that can access and download tons of books, from research texts to fiction, all at the touch of a button, or with only a few keystrokes.

Barring that, you've got all that Google can bring you--just type in a phrase, a word, even a single letter, and Google will fetch you literally hundreds of links on as many topics. Want to learn about plumbing? Google. Want to learn about theology? Google. Want to know what your town did back in 1945? Google. So much information can be found there, it's overwhelming.

And barring that, there are classes in SL, nearly every hour of every day. Building, making clothes, making accessories, business management, dancing, club ownership, retailing, runway walking; classes on correct historical deportment, classes on landscaping, classes on giving birth, classes on how to use all the features of whatever viewer you're on at the time. And that's not even touching the colleges and other educational institutions that are still in SL, who offer classes on the grid for actual college credit, on an amazing variety of topics.

You have all this wealth of knowledge, Glenn, and yet you choose to be dumber than mud. Why? Why would anyone want to be stupid by choice?

Must suck to be you, Glenn. Good luck with your little modeling thing.


Majid Ali said...

Please help me for Christ sake

Emilly Orr said...

First, this comment confuses me, and second, I'm pagan, so appealing to me in the name of Christ, well, it doesn't do much.

How'ver, you're not the typical spammer, so, I'm leaving your comment up. People are free to click your name, read your plea, and hang out on your blog if they wish. Their choice.

Best I can do. Good luck with your schooling.