Monday, August 15, 2011

an emptiness inside, that made you her miss her life

This hurts, but confirmation hurts more.

G'bye, Hellboy. We'll miss you.

Hopefully, this means a long and happy run of Hellboy movies, but I'm not even sure about that.

In the meantime, in a complete conversational swerve, let me introduce you to the sweeping, magnificent art of...My Little Pony??

Okay, that hurts too.

The second Platinum hunt is now live. That link will take you to pictures of all the items; this link will give you SLUrls for the stores. I am really liking the coverage on this hunt, so kudos to the bloggers and organizers.

Keep in mind, this is a L$10 per jewel box run, but because of transparency, you can see what you'll be getting, and know where to go. That's all we ask, people, for the big grid-wides.

(Also, while I didn't get a ton of the items, I did find myself more willing to explore the store, and buy full-priced items, at those stops I did make. When I am not spending half an hour each stop digging up the store name, then trying to find the store in question, I am more willing to do that. It just makes strong economic sense, merchants!)

The io9 blog currently has a list of the weirdest educational films from Disney, and they're not kidding on any of them. Those aren't YouTube mockups; they were actually put out as educational shorts and in-school filmstrips at the time.

More from the Escapist controversy.

Irish Rover Baird: This is outrageous, scandalous and I can assure you, Escapist Magazine, that this will cost you a lot of fans. Also will it cause you to lose some gold memberships. As I've noticed that many people who replied to the facebook posts almost always said: "Well, that's it! I'm getting rid of this gold membership".

Unabletothinkofname: Just as I was getting the tiniest bit of faith in this site back.

Sonicron: Escapist Magazine, you're saying you're entitled to 75% of the money the community donated to make sure Allison's arm problems were fixed? Really?

Arontala: This doesn't sound like something entirely legal.

Forcing them into debt, then telling them to cough up 75% of unrelated donation money? Even if it's perfectly legal, it's still absolutely pathetic.

Ghengis John: Wow. What is wrong with the people running the escapist? I vaguely suspected things were bad when Lisa Foiles said "I want to make more top fives, but unfortunately that looks like it's going to be difficult at the escapist" Her wording made it seem like they were hard to deal with. I personally thought the whole "fly yahtzee to PAX" promotion stank, I thought THAT looked bad but this is a very ugly low.

senen1313: Don't care if this gets deleted cause I ain't going to use the account or come back anyway.

nexekho: My account is now closed.

Fuck you and your corporate greed.

Thaius: I will see how The Escapist handles this, but if this is really how things are going down, this could be The Escapist's equivalent to Gamespot's Gerstmann scandal. And it could have a similar effect for me. I love this site; I love the community, I love the shows, I love the articles.But Extra Credits is one of the best things to happen to interactive storytelling theory and design in a long, long time, and if The Escapist is actually screwing them over like this, especially in the wake of that amazing display on Rockethub, my support for them is all but gone entirely.

Volstag9: The escapist has lost so many good shows. I wonder if Unforgotten Realms and Dorealous quit due to similar circumstances.

Alavar91: I have had my doubts about this site for a good while now, but still. This has crossed the line. Explanation NOW!

Irradiated Tiger: Escapist staff, you better have a very good explanation for this.

Lilani: Huh. Well, I have officially gone from considering getting into the Pub Club to considering some sort of protest of the Escapist. I hope this is some sort of misunderstanding or something. I mean really, trying to screw over what is arguably the most popular and most important piece of content on your web site? Where the fuck did this come from, Escapist?

And has anyone else noticed the site has suddenly become significantly more laggy?

Jodah: If they had left for greener pastures or such I likely would have stayed. But because they got screwed over so hard, and the fact that it appears The Escapist is becoming greedier and greedier (I'm looking at the advertisements that had me close to leaving anyways) I will no longer be frequenting this site, unless things change. I bid you all a good day and hope to see you around on other gaming forums.

tlozoot: I'm saddened by this news. I thought the escapist was about the advancement of celebration of gaming culture, not fucking over your top contributors with weasely lawyer bullshit.

Now that Extra Credits has gone I have to ask myself: why bother with this community anymore? The news is up hours after I see it on twitter or on competing sites, the remaining shows are painfully mediocre and there's little in the way of reviews or content that I can't find on another site.

TheXRatedDodo: Over the past year or so I've gotten a progressively worse vibe from this site, and now this? I was right, so it seems.

Hipsy_Gypsy: Truth be told, I don't entirely know what's going on but from what I've gathered from scanning through the various threads that have been posted in regards to what has happened as well as the tweets made by the Extra Creditz team, I'm shocked, yeah.

The Blue Rabbit: And thus The Escapist continues its progression to becoming the G4 of the internet. If there isn't at least SOME kind of response from the bigwigs on this, you can consider me gone (not that I expect you or anyone else will care.)

Rikortez: I think this is a good reason to leave this site, the only reason that i came here was because of extra credits and movie bob, also, so many ads.

Comando96: Who remembers Lisa Folies with her top 5 show? Also the Escapist News Network?

Lisa Folies now works for... another (Angry Joe) site after disappearing, not directly on that show, but under their employment.
The Loading Ready Run guys who did the Escapist News Network... stopped doing it, and then I noticed a news based show appeared on penny arcade... with the exact same crew.

DaxStrife: I've already canceled my subscription to the site; if the Escapist wants my money, they'll have to fix this broken policy, make a public apology and fire whoever is responsible for this.

AlternatePFG: You know, I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw the Extra Credit guys move from Youtube to here, and I thought it would work out well for them. This is fucked up though, there are really no other words to describe it.

Colonel Whiskers: Huh. EC was the reason I started watching this site and found its awesome shows. Then I signed up for an account when I saw the community spirit shown to Allison. I don't care one bit about forced ads (most ads in general in fact), the PAX Yahtzee thing or anything else but this is just vile. If there isn't a damn perfect explanation or retraction of demands then i'm gonna miss this site a whole damn lot.

TheXRatedDodo, several hours later: Surprise, surprise. One of the topics concerning this exact matter has disappeared. Damage control begins, eh?

Necromancer Jim: As I've said before, the Escapist is achieving Fiction-Level Evil Corporation status recently.

PureIrony: I'm not sure if I can keep coming here. I mean...I don't think this site is run by the people I thought it was.

Gunn3r: How many visitors does this site get a day? The vast majority for Yatzee and Extra Credits' material.

Nico III: I'm disappointed, but I don't want to boycott The Escapist or I'll be denying their content creators of their fees.

Exosus: I was always skeptical of The Escapist. They always struck me as a shady lot, if only because of how they ran these forums on a criticism/controversy=ban foundation, but I never dreamed they would do something like try to take money that WE donated (not paid, not exchanged for a service, donated out of our the goodness of our hearts) to pay for a MEDICAL PROCEDURE (not like we gave it to the Cash, Coke, and Crystal Fund) that someone needs to use their fucking ARM again.

Polyintrinsic: I'm trying to look at this objectively from The Escapist's point of view and I can't come up with anything. Just seems like a very bad idea. Destitute a group of people that have a huge following within your own website? This reeks of acting-before-thinking and greed.

Fan rage continues in the Escapist forums, but threads are already being edited. I'll post what I can.

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