Tuesday, August 30, 2011

and how could you dare to become so close?

"Here was a guy who had dedicated a good chunk of his life to mastering Magic, on a date with a girl who can barely play Solitaire." Ah, see, that was your problem, Ms. Bereznak--you were on a date with someone who had life skills, as opposed to you. And possibly a working brain. I understand your distress.

The beauty of being the bigger person (in this case, that person being Jon Finkel) is that your date didn't feel compelled to blab about how horrible going out with someone who didn't even know how to play one card game (let alone several) was. See how that works?

The last line of the article is just as priceless: "Also, for all you world famous nerds out there: Don’t go after two Gawker Media employees and not expect to have a post written about you. We live for this kind of stuff." Yeah, because Gawker Media doesn't have enough bad strikes against it.

Not only that, but she's accusing him of this one geeky, nerdy behavior that she's trying to make sound shameful...on a website devoted to geek culture. Is she that colossally stupid? And apparently she seized on Magic: the Gathering as the symptom of all his ills, forgetting he also likes to converse on other topics, plays poker (he's won a hefty sum in poker matches, but I bet that doesn't impress her, either), and looks like this.

My gods, woman. Rein it in, you need to be kicked in the head. You have zero sympathy.

Finally, a fan page for the rest of us--entirely devoted to women in reasonable armor! Woo!

"neil and i are constantly trying to figure out what our marriage is. all we’ve figured out so far is that it is 100%, definitely, [absolutely] not fucking normal. that’s a nice start." (From Amanda Palmer's latest blog entry.)

Someone who doesn't want to be remembered commented recently:
Already that you have hidden my name is already a form of respect in my humble opinion.
My obsession is not as you think, but I took this as a "gibe" that's why I put myself on the defensive.
Now you can also delete these comments so that you complete my anonymity. Thank you for your understanding.
Yeah...So essentially, thanks for taking four entries out of my blog with your whining. But you're as off the radar as I can positively make you, and, because you seem to want nothing to do with any mention here, I'm doing my best to remove any and all references to you.

You're not welcome. Good gods, there's preserving anonymity, and then there's making utter hash out of any form of coherency...But hey, request was made, I follow request. There should be no further SL linkage of [nationality]'s named persons at this time.

In news from the real world, enjoy some window-dressing pics for Hurricane Irene preparations.

And in SL news, I'm really looking forward to finding these avatars on the Twisted Hunt. But don't mistake me: for the run of the Twisted Hunt, even for those of you whose groups I'm in or whose friends I am: you're all evil bastards and I loathe you all. Just so we're clear.

Just don't be dumb. Being dumb means I bitch to Vasha and Vasha shrugs and I build up more resentment and it's just unhealthy for me. Think of the children. Or something.

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