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and I beat me a billy from an old French horn

A good comment on the JIRA That Will Never Die this week:
I keep saying that web profiles are slow to load and unreliable especially for users with older computers (despite having adequate 3d cards for Second Life) SOCIAL-1085 - SOCIAL-528 The new removal of the external browser button makes it worse. I think most people here are asking for the option of having the profiles inside the viewer but not on the web. Bringing back in-viewer profiles as an option (Including an exclusive option for some users) that don't use the slow and unreliable web window could perfectly solve that problem. Were people complaining about profiles before this new system? Keep that in mind.
TigerCatBrandon said that (for those not v2 enabled, that would be "TigerCatBrandon Resident", aka, he's new), but it's a very valid point nonetheless, and frankly, November of 2010 is long enough on the grid to appreciate the non-problems before web profiles, and the long ensuing drama after web profiles.

How many users of Second Life, after all, use Second Life without any browser window open? Again, the people working for Linden Labs live in the rarefied atmosphere of constant technological improvements, something most of us can't get, don't have the money to get, or just plain don't want because, dear gods, the shock and horror, we like what we have.

(Okay. I'm not in that camp. If I could have this I might just die happy. Or hells, I'd even settle for one of these. But that's not the point. The point is, I don't have it now, and a lot of folks are with me, in that their dreams don't quite match their tech levels, and Lindens, you aren't making this easier.)

Aki Shichiroji has a problem that many of us share: on the viewer 2 menus, they've made building things unnecessarily annoying. Considering this is supposed to be a world rife with user content, making it harder doesn't make it better...or, to use their phrase, faster, easier or more fun. She's asking the Lindens to fix it. I'm watching the JIRA to help her with that goal.

Even better, she's got video to back her up. Which proves out her point impeccably.

Rob Humble goes on the record on how damaging the insistence on real names can be; he also seems to have hope for Second Life to exist for many years to come. He's got a lot of hope, and he talks a good talk. (There's a lot of information there, because it's a very long video. Be aware before clicking the link.)

He's also very big on creators' rights, and how important builders are to SL; maybe we should get Rob and Aki together for a discussion...

Anyway. More from the Escapist! (Yes, I know, you were just hungering for more snips of fan rage...Shhh. Hopefully they'll delete everything soon and I'll have to find a new shiny.)

Marik2: So like are the mods gonna delete this thread or something?

And or threaten people with permaban if discussed...?

Moon_Called: I am actually enraged. Escapist, I thought you were better then this. I thought that, despite some lower calibre videos, that you were better than this. I had no idea you could sink this low. Demanding 75% percent of the EC donation money? That is sick and disgusting on so many levels. That money is to make sure Allison doesn't lose her arms you sick greedy fools. ExtraCreditz was probably one of your most intelligent, powerful videos. I can't believe you would disrespect them so thoroughly. Refusing to let them have their IP after this debacle? I am disgusted. I am actually disgusted.

naab: Ultimately as long as they have ZP, and Moviebob this site isn't budging anytime soon. Cause people are still gonna come to this site to watch them, so yeah. Sorry to see EC go, and especially because they got the back hand of humanity but that's what the world comes to.


Ryengu: I guess James wasn't the ONLY one impressed with how much cash the donation drive pulled in. It's just too bad the Escapist couldn't express that in any other way than trying to grab a piece of it. And doing that to the most informative and insightful show in the site too, what were they thinking?

Dr. Snakeman: I'm with you on the revolution thing. The Escapist cannot lay claim to donations. That's messed up.

I've always liked this site. These are the only forums that I frequent. Nevertheless, I will boycott this place if this turns out to be permanent.

Bruden: Some of it looks true, some of it looks like spin, James being a good guy offering to be paid last and let the escapist not pay him for months rings true from both sides. Judging by the fact that the Escapist is probably not run by Snidley Whiplash I expect that they really did think the rocket hub money would all be spent on Extra Creditz. Given his track record so far I do NOT believe that James suddenly became evil and decided to yank his show from Escapist while they tried to work with him.

Unless the Escapist publishes the exchanges we're not likely to ever know the whole truth, but from both sides we can establish a likely story. Escapist was unhappy that rocket hub money was going to places outside making more Extra Creditz, James was unhappy that the Escapist was dictating what could be done with the money from a personal fundraising drive. Likely that sticking point is what caused the split, and I do hold the Escapist responsible for it.

That said, I find the response rings true enough that I will stick around on the Escapist for now. At least on days when Yahtzee or Bob update.

Comando96, several hours later: Still no denial of the 75% claim they are making for Allison's medical donations... if that was a lie on the part of James then surely they'd call it out? But they haven't...

coldfrog: Sigh... Obviously there are two sides to the story and so on, but there's worse going on than this.

If this is truly, 100% "The Escapist"s fault, then there's a real problem. While the reporters and reviewers are what makes this site good, they are going to pay for what sounds like a solely executive decision. I will definitely drop my paid account and probably show up a lot less, but there are plenty of people who I've seen and even dealt with (to a very minor extent in any case) who have been reasonable and friendly. This does not sound like it will end reasonably or friendly... ly. Friendily? whatever.

I don't want to hurt these people, and while it's similar to situations with game boycotts, a site like this is more likely to fall apart than something like EA. I don't like the idea that people I actually like could be losing their jobs for something that is not at all their fault.

In any case, I really hope to see this collaboration of emails that was mentioned on the Escapist guys' facebook page. It's the only way I could make up my mind on my own. Either way, I fear I will be greatly disappointed.

Axelhandler: Something sad: MovieBob (who sucks) has 2 video series here alone, and Extra Credits, which is superior in like every possible way, has to move. Oh, fate, you sly beast.

OutrageousEmu: Hopefully they'll just pull an ENN. Find a new site that pays better (i.e anything other than expecting them to pay $9500. Shouldn't be a problem), change the name but keep everything else the same, and just continue.

I hear Channel Awesome is hiring.

TheSchaef: It's a shame, really, I thought this was a fantastic collection of gaming articles and videos, I thought Ms. Arendt has done a superlative job as their editor, and is someone I've considered a friend - if a distant one - for nearly a decade now.

But my personal loyalties notwithstanding, this brand of shenanigans cannot be countenanced.
Alexander Macris:
I reasonably interpreted "save Extra Credits" to mean that anything beyond what was needed for Allison's surgery would be used on Extra Credits production.
Really? I don't see any "reasonable interpretation" that says donations would be used to fund FUTURE episodes of the show. A "reasonable interpretation" is that these guys were underwater and the money would make them whole, not provide a slush fund against work done after the fact. And by the way, if such an agreement had been reached between you in advance, my "reasonable interpretation" is that such a thing should have been part of the RocketHub page in question, because basically, we donors were being asked to donate without full knowledge of where the money was going, and that seems dishonest to me.

HyenaThePirate: I thought Game Dogs was the low point of this site, but after reading this...

Yeah, I'm just one guy and I know that makes no real difference to people on a corporate level, but I like to believe I've been a valued member of the community by my fellow Escapians and have had great talking and debating with many of you.

That said, I think this pretty much cuts my ties with the Escapist. I won't be part of something like this, something that takes the most basic decency and humanity and stomps it. I guess even in our gamer culture, here in the places we should be able to find solidarity, corporate greed gets in the way of an appreciation for the art.

With that said, depending on how this situation is rectified, with James and the crew cut loose, I'll be going with them.

LifeSentence: Okay. We have to split up. One of us watches for updates on the main Escapist site, one of us watches the EC Facebook, one of us looks for hate drawings on deviantART...

The Grim Ace: I'm probably about to lose my pristine forum status, but, I don't think the Escapist can offer any reason that justifies their actions.

spartan231490: That money was donated to the extra credits guys, and not to the escapist. It's one thing to argue over IP rights and the T-shirt costs. That's legit, and I have no problem with it, but the escapist has no say over what the donated money is spent on. That is between the people at extra credits and, if any of them are even upset, the people who donated money. The escapist has no business getting involved in it.

SpartanBlackman: I would care, but if I recall correctly, EC took extra donations AFTER the cost of the arm surgery. Considering the Escapist hepled with the donation effort, they should get some of that SURPLUS money that shouldn't even exist.

AlternatePFG, some hours later: Either way, someone is lying.

OutrageousEmu, some hours later: Didn't a similar thing happen with LLR and ENN? All they had to do was change the name, alter the format slightly so it ripped off Colbert Reports The Word (tell me I'm wrong) and they were free to continue on Penny Arcade. Basically, as long as they call it something new and add a minor change (maybe have James and Allison talk a bit more), and they've legally created a new IP in the same genre.

HyenaThePirate, some hours later: I read both sides, but while Jame's comments sound like "his side of the story", The escapist's response sounded like 100% "Legal-ese" written by someone who probably spent their 20's studying law books rather than gaming. It just reads too much like an official statement meant more for the benefit of a "jury" than to explain things to us escapist aficionados.

The part at the end where it contains a not-so-subtle veiled threat about potential LEGAL action pretty much led me to the belief that this was more damage-control than actual trying to inform the community of what is happening.

More to come.

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