Monday, August 15, 2011

and see that pretty mouth can be pretty mean

Okay, here's a weird one for you:

(from the media album)

This is...actually, I don't know who this is. Does it matter? But she's from the world of "Felthor", which is a "sanctuary of magic, sensuality and fantasy"...apparently. (And be warned; that site is VIBRANTLY not safe for work!)

'Pon further perusal, that's Terrawyn, and the site' Is named "Felitia"...Yeah, that's not obvious...Beyond that, it seems pretty much your average subscription sex site...with virtual elves.

And apparently one mermaid. All this and more for only $19.95 a month, credit cards accepted gladly.


The Escapist madness rages on. Some scattered comments from the fan community I thought worthy of preservation:

Nick Berry: There is no excuse for such blatant corporatism. Not even one. Poaching donation money? IP rights and that aside, insisting that the corporate fiction deserves a cut of medical donations is morally poor and in bad taste.

Gricket: Depending on how this turns out, I think I'll take my page views elsewhere.

Dorian_Winter: If what has been said is true, I am out of here. No more Escapist for me.

Canadish: I never realized the Escapist were such a bunch of soulless thieves.

bob1052: Wait, the Escapist feels entitled to 75% of the money that was donated towards helping someone get surgery?

Avaholic03: If this is true after all the annoying ads and Pub Club and crap that the Escapist keeps jamming down our throats, I think that'll be enough for me to quit coming here.

Jack and Calumon: I want answers, staff, right now. Allison needed that money, and now that? Barely paying them? This feels corrupt!

Bobbety: It sounds like they were treated pretty terribly. I'm very relieved to see that they'll still try to find ways of doing Extra Credits as it's become one of my favorite shows here.

BlindChance: I'm waiting for a response from The Escapist. Two sides to every story.

FalloutJack: No side from their story entitles them to a percentage of the money we sent for Allison. That was us to them, no middle ground. We were just helping some people out. Ergo, the Escapist is wrong.

Nick Berry, some hours later: I look forward to hearing what half-hearted damage control they come out with.

hurricanejbb: In regards to the Escapist's actions, I must quote Yahtzee: THERE IS NO MIDDLE FINGER BIG ENOUGH.


Not George Carlin: While I know it won't happen I would give major props to Yahtzee and them if they left as well. It would take balls the size of forklifts and a lot respect for their fellow "co-workers" but I know it won't happen. Just like how I didn't quit my job when my best friend was fired they sure as hell won't leave just because of this.

Dorian_Winter, several hours later: No excuse is valid. This is the end. Goodbye Escapist, 5 years of daily attendance. To hell with you.

NameIsRobertPaulson: WHAT




Can we get a red in here to explain what the hell happened?

sky14kemea: Dude, don't look at us. We're only Red Guards. I heard about this the same time you did. :/

GamesB2: I want to hear official word from the Escapist before I start pointing fingers, but either way that's an amazing show gone ):

grem83: shame on you, person responsible for this mess. shame on you, escapist.

MorphingDragon: For shame escapist. The new ad system is also BOLLOCKS. Bring back the wallpaper background ads, they worked better than the footbar stuff.

Xaio30: Good job, Escapist. You just screwed over your second best show. *slow clap*

Just pay them the money and give them back their IP and I'll keep my respect for you.

ArchBlade: Had my doubts about the management around here up to now, this pretty much confirms it for me though.

Good for them, leaving anyway. Hopefully they can find some other site to pick them up. I really hope the Escapist has some damn good justification for this, or better yet, they had better kiss some ass for this one. Despicable.

darth gditch: I would like to know the details of what happened out of curiosity. I signed up for the pubclub to support not just the Escapist but the Escapist's content providers. I was under the impression that these folks got paid for their contributions and would hate to learn that none of my money went towards supporting them.

LordSphinx: More trailers than content, asking for paid subscription, lousy and one sided reviews, less and less relevant editorials, losing Lisa Foiles, losing Extra Credits...

This is my last post on The Escapist. I encourage absolutely everyone here to do the same.

Sojoez: Btw, according to EC's FB posts, they don't want us to cause an uproar or anything. Stay calm and sane. We can all riot when we hear the real story and from both sides.

edgecult: I am... my brain... it can't comprehend such a sick twisted thing to do.. demand a cut (of any percentage really... but really.. 75%..? the fuck...) of personal donations to someone's surgery.. I really really hope they have some grand explanation like they need the money to cure cancer or something..

IAmTheVoid: I held this site in fairly high regard and have defended it from criticism before.

If this is how you treat one of your top shows, then I hope the other talent subscribed onto this site (and hopefully not similarly fleeced) pick up and leave. They have every right to after this bloody fiasco.

smearyllama: Now, I'm sure we haven't heard the full story yet, but this is pretty insane from what we know.

HipHopHippo: I've been a happy visitor to this site for years. Several years longer than I've been posting. I lurked from the very begininning and always thought this site was a site for gamers by gamers. But now I see things as they are. With that illusion shattered it feels like I'm betraying my own core values by even posting here.

Goodbye We had a good run. I'm only sticking around long enough to see how this plays out.

I want to say mean things to the staff because of this but frankly that's not enough. I'm not disgusted.

I'm disappointed. I thought you were better than this.

Sunrider84: Get a fucking grip, Escapist. You should be better than this, and you should do whatever you can do to help Extra Credits. They are one of your main shows, and if I'm not mistaken, the biggest one after ZP. Screwing them like this is ridiculous.

Joey245: As long as MovieBob and Miracle of Sound are still here, then I may or may not stay. But I'll be a lot more cautious about the Escapist now. It's not the beacon of light and quality that I believed it was two years ago.

Thursdays are going to be a lot bleaker around here for a while, aren't they?

And that strikes me as a good place to stop, for this entry. It's looking pretty bleak on the fan front. More to come.

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