Friday, August 19, 2011

and if I rise up in smoke around your eyes, you'll know that it's me

I realize comments, once deleted, really shouldn't be preserved, but also, once a comment is made on the JIRA, that comment is sent to everyone signed up for that issue. Plus, things changed based on this deleted comment, so let's follow it out.

First, Dan Linden comments on Aki Shichiroji's build menu change JIRA:
You can enable the Build button by right-clicking the bottom toolbar and checking "Build button".
Then Alexa Linden, based on that comment, changes the JIRA category from "Bug" to "New feature".

But what Dan--and Alexa--fail to understand is that this JIRA is not about behavior in the lower toolbar. This issue has zero to do with that. It's about how this particular build mode is unavailable once the build menu is open, and whether or not the "Build" button is visible on the task bar or not doesn't matter.

Moon Metty commented afterwards--before Dan's comment was deleted--that this was quite similar to her reported JIRA bug, which was subsequently closed. Why? Moon Metty explains it thusly:
Cassandra closed this Jira without comment, so we can only speculate as to why this change was made.
"Not enough room" is not a good reason for this incorrect and clumsy behaviour, it now takes more room.

Soft, we understand if you don't want to reopen this Jira, you being a Linden and all.
However, us residents just want SL to be fast, easy and fun ... and this bug is slow, tedious and annoying.
So, apparently Cassandra Linden feels that it's expected behavior from the new v2 client, and as such, is not a bug, so everything's just peachy. Case closed--literally.

(Amusing side note--in the time spent writing this, Dan Linden has apparently re-enabled his comment, with added brackets:
[ You can enable the Build button by right-clicking the bottom toolbar and checking "Build button". ]
I don't know why the brackets are important, but there you go. So now I'm talking about a published comment that hasn't been deleted--and is still wrong.)

So, let's talk about stores that get it right for hunts. Let's talk about the Epic Toy Factory.

(from the scavenging album)

Part of the Peaster's Hunt is that you have to do it all, if you want the end Vault prize--because you have to come back to the castle at MadPea with all fifty keys. So Fawkes and I made the decision that we were going to stop at each stop on the hunt.

This was stop 2--a magical, amazing place where our first hint was found right at the landing circle. Once we'd talked to that NPC (hee!) we were sent off to find a dragon. The dragon seats two, and off we went, on a slow, lazy circle around the sim.

This particular sim is amazing from the ground, but from the air, it was breathtaking. I've gone on a lot of rides on various things in five years on SL, but this was wonderful.

(from the scavenging album)

Something that made this night a touch more surreal--I've developed this occasional inability to get clothes to rez, which is a) making me freak out as to how other people are seeing me, and b), results in things like this--I left my prims on and wore a full-body alpha cover.

Fawkes, of course, wears LuciA, the newest member of the Autogenica family. I've been very happy that it's selling so well, but really, it's such a fun concept, how could it not?

(from the scavenging album)

The dragon dropped us off, neat as you please, by the docks, where we spoke to an old and amusing pirate, and were given our next paired destination--two golden seahorses waiting in the waters below. Remember to click scrolls, or objects near the NPCs you talk to on your journey--they'll give you prizes! (If you have the Peaster's HUD on and activated, that is.)

(from the scavenging album)

There's a mermaid to see, a wonderful shipwreck, jellyfish--all while you're leisurely gliding past on the glowing golden backs of seahorses. (Hold your breath, you're under for about two minutes!)

(from the scavenging album)

Proving that it's not just their size that makes them magical, they floated from the water to the land, and deposited us in a strand of heart's grass, before swimming back to the sea and the docks, so off we went to talk to the "herb hag". (She's not actually green; she's just green until she fully rezzes in.)

(from the scavenging album)

Her conveyance of choice was a sparrowhawk carrying a gilded swing--and yes, it seats two. Off we went to the heights of the sim, floating airborne once more.

(from the scavenging album)

Did I mention the sim is incredible? There's fun goofy touches (like the cake, or the mad tea party in the treehouse), there's a little bit of steampunk (seen here in the zeppelin and the steam towers), and I fervently lust after their ground texture, an amazing dark-woven patchwork concoction that I'd adore using myself. I will definitely be back.

All in all, all of the stores on this hunt seem to have put in a genuine effort to participate in the sense of fun and play--a far cry from most grid-wide hunts these days! And several of them have been stores I'm looking forward to visiting again, to spend my time--and Lindens--wandering around looking at things.

I'll be covering some of the ones that really stand out later on, because I didn't snap pics of them at the time--I was too busy being amazed! But I definitely believe they should be brought to wider attention.

Apart from Grumble.

Because I'm still banned from her sim.

Also, one last amusing note:

(from the scavenging album)

Cheesecake poses on top of dressing tables really, really don't work when I'm invisible.

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