Monday, August 29, 2011

and ride off into your delusional sunset

From the Mystara group notices:
Fae Family Fun Time
Tuesday,30 Aug 2011 03:26:28 GMT

In an effor to education children about Fair Folk and Fair Folk about children, the Mystfolk and Kids Group of Mystara are coming together Tuesday, 06.Sep., @ 2pm & 7pm SLT for a day of family fun! Both sides can ask questions and play games, with fae providing supportive, 'responsible' type roles and kids testing the mettle of these Mystarian 'adults'! We look forward to seeing you there at the big field across from the Stromness Village!
Yeah...there are so many problems with this one. Let's list them in order.
  1. It should be spelled "effort". Spell-check when sending out notices is a GOOD thing.
  2. It should be "educate", not "education". If I ever want anyone to "education" my children, just go ahead and bury me, because I'm obviously brain-dead.
  3. That bit with 'responsible' in quotes. Generally, that's considered a distortion of term--as in, I'm telling you we're going to be 'responsible' with your funds, but because I am putting 'responsible' in quotes, I actually mean I'm going to steal them and burn the bank down. So what EXACTLY does Mystara mean by saying 'responsible'? If they actually meant responsible, as a concept, then leave the damned quotation marks off!
Honestly, some people.

In Minecraft news, there's a big update coming--so big and so massive, it's going to be split into two parts for better ease of installation. My problem? The last time Notch and the team said they had a "big" update, it resulted in a psychotically broken game that required me to backdate to a version five release versions behind, just to log in and play. I have dread.

How'ver, there's also some interest, technologically speaking, in Minecraft: namely, what this fellow is doing with interactive projection. Is it sad that I'm now thinking of laser tag runs with blocks you have to tap to get them 'out of the way'?

And mask-making has stepped up a notch--granted, for a more full effect, one would likely want to glue bits down to skin with spirit glue, but beyond that, that's an amazing amount of articulation and expression for a single latex cast! I'm deeply impressed!

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