Saturday, August 13, 2011

if you're gonna get involved with him then tread with care, 'cause that guy is trouble, take it from me

(Continued from part II.)

So, Solar Legion starts things off with this amusing statement:

Second Life is a computer program which contains Instant Messaging software, a GUI, a 3D rendering engine and a chat. It is nothing more and nothing less. Anything else is utter OPINION. It is not a World - it is a computer program.

Yeah, um...we've covered this. You're wrong.

But Solar goes on:

The Google example is a rather old one as those who targeted it did so out of the utterly mistaken belief that their privacy was being violated. Mind you, that is my opinion. If you do not want even a user name or join date to appear to the general public, you do not sign up for a service which is (or may become) open to web searches. That is - to me - common sense. As is the precaution of not putting any information out there you would be uncomfortable sharing..

And really, that's my point, too. I don't see any value in judging people from their groups, or from the sims they like to hang out in, or even from their first life information.

BUT. If your first life info can target who you are, beyond the most general sense--Well, people, you're already blown. Adding in discovery in the wider net doesn't matter, at that point--you've already opened access to personal and revealing details to the thousands of people you don't know in Second Life already.

Kelley in response:

And thanks, again, for providing so much activity on this JIRA. You're helping to bring the displeasure of the Users to LL's attention.

Save for Yoz Linden, no other Linden seems to care at this point. They've all moved on. Which is why I haven't thrown my hat into the fray--it's a dead JIRA, in terms of Linden attention, at least.

And Solar's response back:

Linden Lab does not care what you think Ms. Boyd. This issue was closed and they have moved ahead with their new profile system.

That is all there is to it.

And thanks again for showing how few users actually care about this "issue" - a small number when compared with the number of actual accounts out there. A small number which assumes it speaks for the entire user base when it does not.

To be fair, few residents to this day use the JIRA, or even know it exists. And though it's taken me a while to properly comprehend that (on some things, I'm slow/in a lot of denial/obsessed with an egalitarian 'fairness' which does not exist), the JIRA isn't meant for wide access. It is, purely and solely, a place to report bugs. The Lindens who watch the JIRA at large want concise reporting, logical layouts of the particular problems at hand, specific cited examples and technological details.

They do not want opinions, backbiting, slurs, insults, personal attacks, and wailing drama.

Unfortunately, most of the folks who stumble upon JIRA issues don't seem to know this.

Kelley responded once more:

Linden Lab better care what an extremely large number of its users think, or it will find that said users will leave, and their advertising dollars will go away. And for the second time, Kelley is a boy's name.

Actually, I think it's the third time Kelley's pointed that out; I may be wrong.

And--so far, anyway--that's where it stops. For now. We've hit the "Yuh-HUH!" "Nuh-UH!" territory, so not only has the issue closed, but there's nothing relevant being said. It's just all wailing drama. Which is unfortunate.

As always, there's nearly constantly a better way for the Labs to effect the changes they want to see in their world; as always, there's nearly constantly complaints about those changes. For me, since this is such a charged and heated issue--on all sides--it would have been nice to see reason prevail, at least as far as making of points goes.

Instead, on the JIRA, residents are still more interested in scoring points than in reporting things we'll still be getting email we don't want from people we'd rather not hear from.

Of course, the solution to that is to simply stop watching this issue...but I have tenuous, and likely wholly fabricated, faith that something is going to trigger a second look at this issue.

But I could be wrong. Maybe Yoz represents the second look. If so, nothing's going to change, for all the faith I have in him, because web profiles are only going to improve--on Linden terms--instead of be stricken from the ranks.

If it helps, think of web profiles as personal SL information's viewer 2. (Which is now in beta for the mesh-enabled viewer 3.)

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