Monday, August 22, 2011

I would Tipp-Ex you out but that only hides the pain

Is there ever a time where this picture:

(from the shopping album)

is really going to be the best advertisement for your store?

I mean yes, it's not the skin, it's likely the underlying shape, but seriously.

At least she came pre-censored.

Also, isn't visible penis supposed to be in Adult lands, not Caledon? As always, click on the picture for the non-censored link.

(And don't mistake me--there is perversion in Caledon, and I'm a happy proponent of [at least demi-accurate, and/or semi-historical] the same. And this is a powerful image, with or without the water prim cascading down in front. But there should be limits, in an open, airy shop with no other pretensions to modernity, in part of Caledon, to suddenly turning the corner and being faced with modern bondage photography.

(This is not bondage, you say? Of course it's not. It is full frontal male nudity, however, and it was next to portraiture of females in bondage poses, and all of it is derived from modern, not historical, sources. Therefore.)

In other game news, there's now a blog specifically for female dwarves in the Lord of the Rings Online--it's called Curved Steel. The entry that first came to my attention, with a tip of the hat to Headburro Antfarm, was To Dress or Not to Dress--and yes, they mean that literally. Should female dwarves dress in a feminine manner? Especially when adventuring, when skirts would be cumbersome and potentially dangerous in battle, is it a good idea, or would it be a lethal indulgence?

And there's an entry on dwarven concepts of beauty which is wonderfully written. They know their dwarves--at least, how the dwarves are written in Tolkien's lands. Which is kind of the point, because it's a LoTRO-centered blog.

And now there's Duck Tron! Or at least Duck brand duct tape, in Tron motifs. (Plus there's a moment of absolute giggle-worthy childish behavior at the very end, which is very nearly charming.)

Also, there's going to be a Ghost Rider 2, for those following such things, and--because I am one of those followers--here's the trailer. (And a tip of the hat to Fawkes Allen for finding it for me.)

Like Portal 2? Like physics-defying puzzles? Like user content? Have at it--a downloadable, non-Euclidean level for Portal 2. Trippy as hell. Even the set-by-set breakdown at the end does not remove the visual trippiness. (Oh, did I forget to mention? Yes, there's a video along with the download.)

From the Know Your Memes site comes this actually informative piece on Maru the Cat, complete--as ever--with videos, images, but also, accurate information. Good to know.

And the Shadow is returning to comics--but in the hands of a group of publishers and writers who know nothing about the character. Oy.

Finally, courtesy of Miss Magdalena Kamenev, this delightful link on traditional bathing suits and bathing machines by the shore. Pity I can never find a good pattern...


Serenity Semple said...

Nice link on the female dwarves. I thought it was well put together and interesting. I had a giggle out of the duct tape commercial. XD So sad that there's going to be a ghost rider 2 and poor remade Shadow comic.

Emilly Orr said...

Hey, I liked the first Ghost Rider! But yeah, the Shadow comic worries me. How can you put together a comic featuring a character with that rich and diverse a history, without knowing that history?

Rhianon Jameson said...

Hmm, I haven't been to Loch Avie in a while. It might be time to fire up the airship and set course toward Victoria City... :)

Emilly Orr said...

I'm sure the rest of Loch Avie is fine. :p