Wednesday, April 20, 2011

you promised me the ending would be clear

Brief mention today of a limited-time sale over at SN@TCH. Every week, Miss Ivey Deschanel (I think a more than worth virtual relative to real-life sisters Zooey and Emily) tosses up one or more "Off the Rack" outfits. This is a new concept she's trying out, past few months, actually, but it's brilliant. The concept: she combs through her vast and labyrinthine stock for things that might look good together, throws them together in one outfit, and flips them up on sale. It's nothing that we haven't been doing for years now, and to be fair, Pixeldolls did the mix-and-match thing first years ago, stands out with SN@TCH, it really does.

The particular one I'm posting to mention, though, she's named "Dollbaby":

(from the dolly album; Ivey Deschanel in "Dollbaby" outfit.)

This outfit deserved a nod for two reasons: first, that the next entry on doll communities and play is going to feature the 'sexy li'l dolly' aspects that are so prevalent on SL; and second, because this outfit just reminds me, start to finish, of Sucker Punch:

(from the dolly album; Emily Browning as Babydoll in Sucker Punch.)

If you don't see it, don't worry. What might be more important is that it--and the other five "Off the Rack" variations--are L$40 each for a limited time. Go get 'em!

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