Thursday, April 21, 2011

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More from Minecraft (which now has a free downloadable demo!).

Unfortunately, after Fawkes went up like a torch, I edged too close to the lava. Lava is extremely hot in Minecraft, and in the inner courtyard, there are no pools or fountains. But this was also my first experience with multiplayer worlds; Hank, the fellow who'd shared the world, told me I'd rez in inside the safety of the central greenhouse.

Well, I did rez in at the greenhouse...

(from the Minecrafting album)

...but not in it. Instead, I rezzed in on top of it--standing on the cube of Netherrock. Which was on fire.


(from the Minecrafting album)

On the lower level of the compound, Hank had an oblivion portal to the Nether! I was so excited! After seeing the bits of Netherrock, and glowstone, and Soul Sand (which Hank used as a great non-injurious block to floating boats), I was really excited to see the Nether, especially since I'd only ever seen it in X's 'Let's Play' videos.

Turns out that--at least on that build--it didn't work in multiplayer. Damn.

But it did look pretty walking through it, then turning and looking through the obsidian down the corridor.

(from the Minecrafting album)

I will admit, the holiday pack gave a definite Yuletide vibe to things. My yellow flowers were blue poppies; my roses were poinsettias, naturally. The door you see here was one I'd never even built before; not being big on the wired circuits, I had a texture for iron doors, but never used one--they require redstone wiring to even open. So the gold-bound, red iron studded door texture was one that was new and exotic to me.

(from the Minecrafting album)

And then Fawkes lit himself on fire again, trying to come up with a new way to explode a patch of lawn.

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