Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain

Every time I come to this point of reinvention, and it makes me ponder far more than just the graphics. This time around, reinvention came out of necessity, which is not where I wanted it to go. I was happy with the way the blog looked; though my graphics are not high art, they did what I wanted them to.

Now, I'm contemplating going over everything again, because we've come to this crossroads by another path.

So what's up here is pro tem; it hurts my brain less than the all-floral-pinkness of last night, but it's not what I want in place, just yet. Photobucket has fixed their whatever, but this is the last in a long line of disappointments with Photobucket. And perhaps it's time, finally, to move away and find a new image host.

In the meantime, expect dust; cracked panels; scurrying insects escaping the rain of detritus as things are moved, shifted, and redesigned. Expect flaws in the presentation and broken links. I'll do my best to keep the spiders out of the marmalade; the rest is up to you.


Sphynx Soleil said...

Actually, I like this setup - not necessarily the colors (I'm not a "brown" person m'self) but the shape of the boxes. Sometime when we catch up, lemme know if it's a public template, and which one it is?

Emilly Orr said...

It's the one I found to be the most customizable, that I could still pick off a list. :p

Blogger calls it "the Awesome"; think it's an internal template, but I'll look into it.

Miss D Ember said...

Likes it.

Emilly Orr said...

Thank you. I'm going to try to keep some variant of this background, but the actual template in place may change.

Still, that's life, innit? We change, we grow, we learn, we move on. Fall down in the meantime, pick ourselves up and go again.